Top free scripts for Kiiroo Keon?

Hi all. I was wondering what free scripts are your top favorites to use with the Kiiroo Keon?
There are so many scripts here that it can kind of be overwhelming to choose. So any all stars out there for the Kiiroo Keon in your opinion?


I would love to find out for myself. Following this.

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Depends if you’re looking for VR or 2D videos?

2D free videos would be great. Still trying to get things to work before I go nuts with buying anything.

Here’s a selection of my favorites non HMV/hentai scripts. If you want some hmv or hentai I got some other suggestions for you. Feel free to ask!


If you haven’t tried a Cock hero video yet they are well worth a go. Liquid used to post script packs and they are all still available on here.

Liquid scripts and posts from RTS - Script Collections / Archived scripts from RTS - EroScripts

Personal favourite is Cock hero 4-Play 2 from his mega pack 12.

lots of free pornhub content do not forget to get your ree Kayden video think they are supposed to get 2 but mine was a gift

Please share your recommendations for hentai/CGI!

I’ve been super busy lately and will be for a couple of days still but I’m not forgetting :wink: Will answer shortly

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