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Topic Create Date

maybe it would help, when there would be also the Topic Create date beside the “Activity”. Often i look in the forum and a lot of old stuff is on the top and i just see this after clicking on it.

Edit: Just saw, that it will show the first post date if you hover over the Activity time. But i think this in the main overview would be better


Yes it’s not that easy to really sort by post date, agree with that

You can always use: Latest topics - EroScripts

Yes but latest is based on last message no ? not on post date.

This one is based on the latest reply:

The one I sent is based on topic creation date:

I would actually love this - but it would need to be done with a custom plugin as there isn’t a checkbox to enable it in the site admin settings.

As Husky says, you can do it yourself by editing the URL directly. Maybe if I find myself with nothing to do one day I’ll look into what would be involved to add it to the topic list directly…but I wouldn’t hold your breath :wink: