Topic creation cooldown?

Don’t get me wrong, I know that scripting is time consuming and all, but shouldn’t we have a cooldown between creation of new topics so one person can’t flood front page with it’s posts? Something like this is a little ridiculous for my taste:

Maybe 5 posts per hour or something to reduce events like this.

interesting point. That said I don’t think new posts are created that often, so even having a 5 post/hour limit might not do anything

FYI, most of those aren’t new posts; they were edits. And since edits bump topics, it appears at the top. If you have a certain trust level (I think), you can anchor these posts (i.e. Reset Bump Date) which reset them back to their original position. I do this with my posts pretty often.

Interesting. A little weird site behaviour if you ask me. Does auto-bump when editing topics have any purpose? I understand that this is forum based around discussions, so bumping topics when there is a reply seems fair, but why would it bump the topic if you edit it a little? And can you for example edit your posts on purpose to always have your post on top, like putting extra space or changing one letter? I hope the site stops with auto-bumping after certain number of edits, otherwise this can be exploited in my opinion, especially that the site is now open.

I was thinking about situations where someone holds with creation of the topics until he has enough material to flood the front page. I didn’t realize that editing topics can bump them so it seemed to me that the purpose of this was to push other topics away to increase sales of the scripts. Still a reasonable limit won’t hurt anyone to prevent situations when someone will try to take advantage of how the site work to have his posts always on top over others.

That’s funny. When I saw your post flooding the front page I thought the same. :wink:

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mmmm there are already some higher rate limiting settings enabled. Plus I don’t want to clamp down on something that’s not actually being abused right now.

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Let’s promote sight traffic with a speed limit!