Torso dolls vs strokers IN VR?

As an owner of the handy and a VR set, I’ve been wondering what are sex dolls like in VR. I’m talking about decently sized torso dolls with some weight.

Something like these for example:

The first one with the shorter legs is something I’ve been eyeing. It weighs 28kg and is 72cm long so quite heavy to move around.
The 2 dolls are from this site: Jennifer: 60LB Big Tit MILF Sex Doll, Realistic Body Shape – Tantaly

Anyone has any experience with these kinds of dolls?


phuak! I forgot to change the tag. There, fixed.

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A KYO Plush Doll style might work better for a stroker.

Pain in the ass to clean comparatively, but the immersion is 100x better with a torso or even just a hip doll. Instead of gripping some sleeve or tube you’re gripping hips and thrusting into something that has weight to it. Those tantaly dolls are surprisingly good quality too. If you’re thinking of the Jennifer model you should also consider the new Morgpie model which is cast after the actual dimensions of amateur porn model Morgpie.


That’s what I’m after, immersion. I watched some reviews about some Tantaly dolls specifically and people describe the skin to be very nice feeling, the attention to detail and so on. Although some complain about the weight.

The handy is great already and very different obviously to a sex doll with its own upsides like scripted videos and the ease of use and cleaning.

I don’t have a torso doll but I bought a full sized doll 3 years ago and that was one of the biggest and most expensive mistakes I ever made. The novelty of “fucking” something life size wears off pretty fast and you are left with something that is hard to move around, a hassle to get into positions and it is an absolute pain in the ass to clean and maintain. It’s been lying under my bed for a quite some time now and I am unsure on how to get rid of it without looking like a serial killer xD.

Now I suppose a torso without a head, arms and legs is a bit easier in that regard but I still think it’s probably not worth the hassle. Also, wouldn’t moving around too much affect the VR quality? I’d imagine a stroker like the Handy or OSR2/SR6 is better for VR since you can remain still.


What i have for VR immersion and a great fuck because of the weight and how it responds / jiggles when pounding it:

Video of the toy in action ( not me in the video )

What i really want for a better or different VR immersion:

If you want to get rid of it you can cut the tpe/silicone up with scissors and throw it in bags and then pick apart the skeleton. Or you could try to sell it, there are people that buy second hand sexdolls, personally I find it rather repulsive tbh, but hey. Check out dollforum if you want to sell it.

I think a doll like that would be pretty great for use in VAM using VR and full body tracking. I don’t think the tech is there yet, especially for tracking your pelvis movements. When the tech is better, it will be amazing to go into VR and have a doll IRL that aligns with the model in VAM so when you reach out and touch the model, the doll is in the exact same spot so you really are grabbing a breast while you see it in VR. VR sex with a doll aligned with a model that is reacting to your actions, and your body tracking driving a male model in-game will be fantastic.

full body dolls & torsos are a bait are not worth it. theres a lot of physical labor needed to use them & its really not worth the hassle for the “realism” aspect. the hole will feel no better than your stroker lol. save ur money

I was going to buy one of those but the shipping to where I am was insane.

I have the 40 lb monica torso doll, upgraded after having the 20 lb. I gotta say it is making me stronger lol its a workout if you’re just lifting it. I use it twice a week or a few times per month but i feel up its tits every Handy session. If you grab the ass and rock it toward you while sitting its very realitic and easy on your muscles. I have never came from so few strokes as with a doll in VR. I will say if they had made a 30lb version i think that would be best. Im over 6 ft and the monica torso is almost too big. I will say the tits feel incredible with the gel inside. I never thought doll tits could be so damn real. I paid $500 and i dont regret it at all. I repeat, the tits on the Monica are out of this world.

Torsos are generaly below 20kg, which is easily carried. And a realistic weight to feel.
Full bodies are generaly near 40kg (especialy bigger breasts go above this). And their shape makes them harder to carry.

But to call them bait. Not realy. Torsos, and especialy full bodies have advantages that some of the cheaper toys dont involve. And its generaly about the breasts, and positioning. Most more simple body parts only allow you to stabalize it by touching the ass, but torsos allow you to grab the breasts and stabilize the torso that way. And this can give a very diffirent shake when thrusting.

Add to that the part that full bodies are often also used to just sleep next to in bed (even if sex isnt the intention, being able to do that just feels good). A torso has a downside on this part by lacking some realism parts, but can still feature this. You surely remember that feeling when upon waking up, you are in the mood for sex, and just want to grab her breasts. A torso allows this (and without any complaints either, some girls dont like this after all).
dont throw in the argument of having a girlfriend, as that defeats the entire purpose of these body parts, even if your girlfriend wants to use strokers, strokers win because she can use that, something a body part doesnt easily allow

What i do agree on is that these torsos dont beat the internal texture of a normal stroker. But that isnt needed either! A lower texture isnt automaticly less intense. These body parts are designed to allow a diffirent focus, and that can increase intensity that way.

I think the only real issue of full bodies is that their weight makes most positions not easily achieved. Something a torso can do better. But other than that, both are very similar.

But on that same note, ANY stroker is bait. As any company tries too sell you those strokers by baiting you with texture, ease of use and visuals etc. Its realy down to the person which things they prefer, and if they prefer a pussy and breast combination with realistic positions of these, a torso is generaly the best. Thats not bait, its a logical result of what people want.

That’s a really good and honest opinion about it.
If I get a doll, it’ll be a torso doll definitely. Even that 28kg torso (the one in the first 2 pictures) scares me. Not only the dead weight to move around but also the cleaning.

The same company has much smaller and more lightweight torsos as well.

Do you remember how big and weighty is the doll you have?

The doll I have is the Fire Doll Amia with 166 cm height and it weights 38 kg. Definitely a workout with that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Check out the Meiki Plush Evo doll on ToyDemon. They have codes for free shipping often. I picked one up. Its not as heavy, but it is incredible for immersion, being able to grab on to something, especially in missionary/doggy. It doesn’t fit full size fleshlights very well, but the Go models do, and it also can support onaholes. And i still uave my Handy if i need it for scripts.

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Its kind of shitty to go straight to calling someone an incel. Some people may just flatly not want a relationship but like to have an orgasm every now and then. That’s completely okay. Some people may have social anxiety or other mental or even physical issues, and again, that’s okay. Maybe show a little kindness next time.


Bro, you are on a forum for masturbation robots and their associated scripts. Why come here just to hate? If their decision to buy a specific toy/doll isn’t harming anyone, why should it matter?


I have used their hip version tons and it’s amazing. Might be a better choice if you want something even more compact.

i’m a degenerate & own like $10,000 worth of 2 super high end sex dolls (Sinodoll & TAYU). They’re so bait & not worth the effort to use. Realism? they dont compare to real life female

like i said, stick with ur strokers like handy or whatver device u use. its better easier to use 0 hassle