Tracking WankzVR and MILFVR Silent Remasters with xbvr

WankzVR and MILFVR scenes are being updated with new 6912x3456 resolution remasters. However, unlike other sites these remasters are NOT being released as new scenes. For those of us who prefer to download and archive videos collecting these videos is a challenge.

There is an index of remastered scenes for WankzVR and MILFVR separately, but this requires tedious manual tracking of which scenes have already been updated.

I’m an xbvr power user with 25,000 videos, 17,000 funscripts, and 188TB archived. I’ve noticed many folks aren’t aware of the power of xbvr. I wanted to share the easier solution for tracking these “silent remaster” scenes using xbvr.

  1. Options → Scrapers → (3 dots) → Force Update Scenes for both MILFVR and WankzVR
  2. Options → Scrapers → (3 dots) → Run This Scraper for both MILFVR and WankzVR - this will get the “remastered” tag added to the appropriate scenes
  3. Create a search as pictured
  4. Options → Cache → Refresh Scenes

You may need to do #4 as you replace video files. This will update the Resolution attribute for the scenes and remove updated scenes from the search results.

Hope this helps!


VRBangers has taken a similar approach to their remasters. There are only a handful so far, but this method will also work for those. Just switch to the Resolution 8K attribute as a filter.