Transfer scripts to Oculus Quest wirelessly?

I have an original Oculus Quest, and just received a Handy. I’m now getting my mind around how this all works with scripts and VR videos and whatnot.

I see that I need to move the various script files to be local on the Quest, and while I do have a cable it’s normally in another room connected to a different machine and I would rather just connect to the Quest wirelessly and move the files that way. Is there a way to get the Quest to show up to the PC over wifi without connecting with a cable first?

You should look into Virtual Desktop. It basically makes your Quest into a PCVR-set which connects over wi-fi. I use that in combination with the SLR app on Windows.

Does anyone know if Virtual Desktop works for MAC OS? I’d like to keep the large VR files on my laptop and stream to my Oculus Go. Thanks!

hey @MnM01 - not sure if you know how to use DLNA or Plex or Kodi for streaming, but if you can do that on MAC OS then you can make it work through SLR/DEOVR App

If you want further one on one help, you can ping Rakly3 on SLR’s discord here = SexLikeReal VR

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@taz123 Yeah I already have VD, it doesn’t work well for me at all, endless problems. ALVR works much better.

@MnM01 Virtual Desktop is a Quest App and it has a streamer that runs under Windows. AFAIK there is no Mac version but you can of course run a virtual machine or Parallels Desktop to get Windows on the Mac.

And yeah as @Realcumber mentioned, Plex/DLNA works great I run a Mac media server using Plex and connect using DeoVR to watch content. Although I haven’t tried using scripts yet or anything and my understanding is that those have to go on the Quest itself, hence this post. I can connect wired but it would be so much more convenient to be wireless.


Use DeoVR. Keep the script files in the same folder as the video file. And also must be named identically. This should work.

So the script does NOT go in the “Interactive” folder?? Funny too I was literally about to go try that just for the hell of it before I read this post. Will see if it works!

Just tried that, didn’t work. Funscript did nothing although handyfeeling works fine. Sigh.

Install an android file browser apk onto your quest that lets you set up an FTP server (I use mixplorer). Set up the FTP server in the android browser - super easy to do. Then on your PC, navigate to the address:port you set the FTP server. Save the network location if you want.

Whenever you want to wirelessly transfer, open up the android browser–>options–>servers–>start FTP server (if it’s mixplorer) and there you go.

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