Transferring parts of a larger script into a smaller one in OFS

I use OFS to script and I have a completed 45 min video. There is a shorter version of the video which is about 7 minutes long and I’m having trouble transferring the action into it. In OFS, if I have both scripts open, I cannot see the rest of my points because the video is shorter than the original script. Opening both projects in separate applications for some reason restricts the ability to copy and paste the points between the two. Is there a way to do this in this software?

Just today I was doing this. I am scripting a compilation video that is culled from several scenes, one of the scenes has a script that I have permission to use. So I needed to move action from the script that someone else did to various smaller chunks in my own vid/script/

What I did is in OFS I opened the “source” scene (script and vid) which had the already completed script and found the beginning point of the action I wanted to transfer. I selected the chunk from he script and did CTRL+C but using Copy from the edit menu works too. That copies the data to the clipboard that is persistent beyond OFS.

So at that point, I opened the new scene/script and hit CTRL+V to paste it in where it was supposed to go.

The multiple script view function of OFS is very useful in many situations but I believe in your example where you’re opening up a longer script in a shorter video, OFS in it’s current state will truncate the longer script to fit with the vid length. If you try the manner I suggested, it should work.

Good luck!

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An alternative way is to open both videos, each in a separate video player instance. Make notes of where the common parts between the two starts and ends in the longer version. Once done, open the longer one in OFS with the script and copy paste based on time into new parallel scripts. Make sure the snippets are positioned early in the video. Save the parts and then open the shorter video. Now you can open the snippets and merge the parts into a full script for the shorter video.

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Another alternative is to use FunscriptToolbox to do it since it’s similar to synchronizing a script to a remastered video.

If you have LongVersion.mp4, LongVersion.funscript and ShortVersion.mp4, you can simply call:

"C:\Tools\FunscriptToolbox\FunscriptToolbox.exe" as.cfs -s LongVersion.funscript -n ShortVersion.mp4

This will create a ShortVersion.funscript synchronized to the shorter video (using the audio channel).
In that case, you might want to open the resulting .funscript in OFS afterward just to clean up the start or end of the scripts.


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