Trouble generating tpatch files with proper encoding

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I tried a few more things and still not able to generate the tpatch files correctly. Also I didn’t want to derail/clog up the other conversation so I figured I’d break it into it’s own topic.

I tried many different things but no luck yet except for one observation. In 7zip I found that the characteristic is missing UTF-8 in all my attempts while the original one and @flashi01 file has it and they both work

@flashi01 How did you create these tpatch files? I tried using the 7z cli using the scs option and that didn’t work

I just create a .zip with 7zip in the contextual menu (windows 10) and rename it *.tpatch.
I do not use any specific setting.

Do the file names stay the same after you extract them and the only issue is turning them back into .zip/tpatch? How do you go about extracting them exactly?
You could try turning the UTF-8 options in Bandizip on (Options->Settings->Compression), and see if that helps.
Also make sure that “Compression Level” is set to 0.

@flashi01 hmm that’s what I did originally too. What locale are you using? I have mine set to Japanese (Japan). Maybe I’ll try it in another OS or something…

@ZeroScripts when I extract using 7zip or Bandizip the file names look correct (even used the original files to test) but when creating the zip file it doesn’t seem to allow the game to extract them correctly.
I’ll try out these Bandizip settings when I get some time and report back. That UTF8 setting seems to be spot on to the issue I’m seeing

out of curiosity what 7z version are you using?
if you type 7z on the command line what’s the output?
mine shows
7-Zip 19.00 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2018 Igor Pavlov : 2019-02-21

Tried a few more things thanks to the suggestions:

Bandizip with the UTF-8 setting enabled was able to work correctly for me

7zip was a bit tricky, since I knew my version was old (2019) I updated it and starting fishing around the release notes for any UTF-8 mention then found the following

21.02 alpha 2021-05-06
- 7-Zip now writes additional field for filename in UTF-8 encoding to zip archives.
It allows to extract correct file name from zip archives on different systems.

Seemed to fit spot on to what I ran into so tried it by just using the context menu, no luck…

Kept digging and found this:
ref: 7-Zip / Discussion / Open Discussion: Unicode filename

Wasn’t sure what the parameter meant until I remembered there’s a 7z GUI for making a zip file and saw the little box there. Using the cu as the value I tried and it worked :tada:

I’ve no idea why it required this parameter when it wasn’t required for others, my only guess is my PC settings must be different in some way and that’s causing this weirdness

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