Trouble Shooting OSR2+

For some reason, my OSR2+ is not playing scripts. I’ve recently changed out the ESP32 chip and made sure all the pins are correct. Any ideas on how to trouble shoot?

Do the servo arms move to the neutral (horizontal) position when you turn the OSR2 on?

Just tried and it’s not moving to the neutral position. What should I check/do?

Check your power connections (Is everything powered, is your ESP32 connected to ground), recheck if you flashed your board correctly

What method did you use to flash the ESP32?

I used Arduino. I got the file for the tempest Patreon. Loaded them up and made sure it was set in the OSR2 mode was set to true and then clicked the forward arrow button.

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I got work now with scripts now . The problem not I’m not sure if the up and down work correctly any way for me to test those servos ?

  1. Disconnect servo arms and test with a script to see if they are moving in the same direction, if not you need to swap left and right servo pins.
  2. Reconnect power without scipts playing and mount servo arms as close to centered as possible while the devices is powered on in neutral position.
  3. Then you center the arms by editing the lines of code in the firmware source at the very top indicated in the file below and reflashing the firmware. You repeat this step until evertying is centered.

I don’t think this it. The servo are function. Its when i play script the up and down motion goes but not at the right position. It starts at the neutral position when I load the script but when it plays it doesn’t follow through all the way through. Its almost like it is only play position 50-20.

I figure out the issue ! On the multiplayer, I had the scale set to 18 instead of 100 lol. Thank you again for the help will keep this saved if I have any more issues.

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