Trying to track down a specific clip

Hi all. I’m looking for a PMV clip that I’ve seen before but can’t seem to find again. There was a specific scene (divided into slices for the PMV purposes) in it that I liked and want to see again, but I can’t remember which PMV it was. This is what I can remember:

They were humans, not anime.
Guy, girl, possibly in the shower.
He has (at least) jeans on.
She’s kneeling in front of him, she’s blonde.
He has a tear/cut in the upper left of his jeans by the zipper. His cock is sticking out through that hole and she’s blowing him.

I don’t know who the performers are, I don’t know anything about that specific scene, I can’t remember which PMV it was in - I can’t even guess how the long the PMV itself was. But if anyone can either point me in the direction of that PMV or even that specific scene I would be very obliged and you might stop me from going insane thinking about it.


Maybe you can track it down by looking at the miniatures that are visible when you watch threads with a certain tag.

They seems to be sorted by date so if you can narrow down a time frame then you can probably skip a lot.

For now I’m just scrubbing through the videos I have downloaded… hopefully I’ll just catch a glance at a frame that looks like what I’m looking for and can go from there. It’d help if I could even remember if it was a true Cock Hero clip or not… grrrr.

This fit your description almost too perfectly:

LUBED Shower fuck and facial with tiny blonde Kenzie Reeves

1080p 60fps:

Don’t know if it’s the right video, I just googled “blow job in the shower man in jeans”

I found a 480p version in my collection, called:
“[Lubed] Kenzie Reeves - Soaking Spinner (29.08.2017) rq.mp4”

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That’s it - I can tell by the thumbnail.

You’re awesome dude, thank you!!!

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I would have been so disappointed if you told me it was not it LOL Glad I could help!