Ultimate Teledildonic Format? Multi Track Funscript? Is it even possible? Your Thoughts!

Still new to scripting and all I have had to play with was a Lovesense Max2…(So apologies if this is already possible but I just haven’t figured out how to do it.)

Just got a Handy and got to thinking about how awesome it would be if you could make separate tracks for various teledildonic features available on the many different devices. Max 2 has Suction and Vibration while the Handy has Stroke. I’m sure others have spin or roll functions as well.

Stroke Track, Vibe Track, Suction Track, Roll Track etc…

The Player App would allow you to assign tracks to Device functions as needed.

Going further from there. these tracks could be implemented as audio tracks inside an MKV container so no separate script file would be required. MKV supports multiple Audio and Subtitle tracks in a single container.

How hard would it be to use audio pitch or amplitude on each audio track to denote control movement?

Just wondering what folks who know this scripting universe much better than I do, think about the possibility of creating something like this.

Well for osr2+ and sr6 users they already have those options available. MFP is able to do what you said above( if i read correctly)

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Multi-axis is already possible, it’s just a diferent funscript file for each different axis. (MFP and XT player support this for instance).
I don’t think there is any reason why funscripts/axes couldn’t be combined in a single file, afteral it’s structured like a json file. By leaving the default “actions” for stroke unchanged it should be backwards compatible:

  //and the file could be extended with other axes without breaking the format

Thanks for those replies…
I wasn’t even aware you could load multiple Funscript files into a player. I was under the impression that the naming convention was forcing a single file only. Nice to learn!

Does Scriptplayer support this as well? That is the one I have been using but perhaps it is time to try a different player.

But I still would love to see the scripts embedded into the Video container in some fashion. Should be possible.

Here’s the MFP link:

As far as implementing a container type solution, that seems a bit difficult. I don’t mind the current funscript files because they’re easy to work with.

Like mentioned above, MFP can do this (I think its the only player that can?).
You can for example use OSR and any buttplug.io supported devices at the same time, or multiple OSR’s, multiple vibes etc. You can even map different scripts to different vibes on one device.

Imo too much complexity just so you have one file less.
The player would have to implement reading container metadata and it would not work with streamed videos. Also mp4 is currently most used format for videos.

The main reason it was made as separate is to allow other people adding axes without modifying/sharing the original script, which could be paid.

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