Unfinished & Partial Scripts

What are the guidelines for partial and unfinished scripts?

I script quite a lot, but tend to only script bits of the scenes I’m interested in and then clip them. Is it worth sharing these scripts here? The scripts would be for the whole scene so someone could clip them to their own tastes, or finish them if they want.

Quality and method of scripting varies depending on how I’m feeling. It’s possible I might finish or refine them in the future, but I’m preferring quantity than quality at the moment. All scripts are done for the launch, so the movements might be too exaggerated for other devices.

Here is an example:
czechv425 script.funscript (170.5 KB)

There are no rules for that (afaik). If you share them, please include the following in your posts:

  • write that it is a partial script, preferably in the title or close together with the script link
  • a heatmap will probably be appreciated by many
  • if you allow others to re-use your script as part of a script that covers the entire video then write that as well

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