Unsupported Format DeoVr & XBVR


i have some playback problems.
I am using XBVR with the DeoVr option for streaming.
DeoVr runs on a Quest 2 and streams many videos.

Now i downloaded the latest videos on wankzvr in highest quality (i think htc vive download). On the website the files have the same size as quest2 files. So i think they are the same .mp4 files.

On many of this downloaded files, i get now unsupported format, trying to play these on the DeoVr in the Quest2.

Any Ideas ?

Many thanks

If the new videos are h.265 try fetching ones that are h.264 instead

Hi, but h265 should normally work:

Maximum Video Resolutions for Oculus Quest 2

  • Monoscopic: Up to 8192×4096 @ 60 FPS 100 Mbit H.265 (HEVC) codec
  • Stereoscopic: Up to 5760×5760 @ 60 FPS 100 Mbit H.265 (HEVC) codec
  • 180 Side by Side: Up to 5760×5760 @ 60 FPS 100 Mbit H.265 (HEVC) codec

Hey guys, so as of a few days ago all vid files (VR included) on my quest 2 and any I now upload on to the headset gives me an unsupported format error message. Anyone else run into this issue?

I got It working with HEVC codecs

free download Windows Media Foundation Codecs

I got 32bit version installed. Removed that and installed 64bit version. I have installed K-lite codecs with LAV filters and using DXVA2 (copy back) DXVA2 (native) is using 100% of processor. D3D11 is working correctly also. Use codec tweak tool to change hardware decoder or when video is playing. Bottom right corner in win10 red LAV filter button.

Playback was stuttering before and audio was also off.

Now I can use DeoVR with XBVR and no more unsupported video format. Oculus guest 2 and gtx1070(OC) 8700k@4,7GHz plays 8k.
Current settings Refreshrate 120Hz Resolution 3616x1840

Did you fix this? I have somewhat of a similar issue.

the problem was, that my files were broken. f downloaded them again and it works fine.

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