Updated rules on free links, asking for links, scripters preventing sharing of free links

Please read the updates and follow them. Feedback is welcome as well.

Also, please stop using the #paid-media tag and transition to the #no-free-links tag.

copying the updates below for convenience

Do not pester scripters for free links

It is the scripter’s choice for what links they want to include.

If there isn’t a free link to a video, help out the community by finding and sharing that link yourself. If you’ve tried your best but can’t found a source, you can ask in the thread if someone else can share a link.

Do not ask for links in the replies if another user has already asked for a link.
Do not ask for links in the replies if a free link is already available.
Do not DM scripters asking for links, instead ask in the replies so everyone can benefit.

Please flag users who do not follow these rules.

Scripters may request that no free links to be shared in the replies

Scripters who want this must make it very obvious in their topic that free links are not allowed.

  • You must include the #no-free-links tag
  • In the new script topic template, we’ve included a line that you can use by removing the surrounding line

with the surrounding lines removed
appears as

Users who do not comply with the no free links request can have their post removed.


@hugecat Ok question. About my future posts.
What should i tag my future posts with that are links to my Patreon? I create all the Videos myself.


tagged with paid-media as for now

if you created them, your patreon is the only place to find them, and you don’t want anyone to share a free link, then follow the instructions in the “Scripters may request that no free links to be shared in the replies” section.

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@hugecat Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:. Updated my Posts!

For better understanding. The tag #no-free-links replaced the tag #paid-media?! But it makes just sense when the tag #no-free-links is used in combi with the new script topic template?!
And to use the #no-free-links tag alone is senseless? Right?
I hope it’s understandable what I mean :wink:

not sure if I’m totally understanding.

But the #no-free-links tag is more to help people quickly filter out scripts with no free links. But it’s not super noticeable by itself. So the additional requirement of a very clear notice in the topic template helps make it clear for everyone else.

They should be used together.

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I just saw this linked in another thread, and after a discussion in a different thread, I think there’s a bit of confusion over the “transition” from #paid-media to #no-free-links.

It’s possible I didn’t entirely understand the use of #paid-media, either.
I thought (and I think the reason some people ask for it) it was to specify when there’s say a free script, but no link provided for the actual media.
Like, as a heads up, don’t expect a link to the media.

For example, a scripter could put #paid-media to indicate that they themselves haven’t posted a link (and to keep people from expecting to see a link there and maybe being disappointed)
BUT the scripter might still be OK with others posting a link in a the thread,
so #no-free-links would not apply?

Just want to clarify that the idea is for #no-free-links to specifically indicate when the poster doesn’t want ANY free links posted, right?

And it’s not a direct one-to-one replacement for #paid-media (unless I really did totally miss the meaning of #paid-media)?

this change is exactly because there was so much ambiguity with #paid-media

So there are 3 categories that new posts could fall under

  1. free link included by the scripter
  2. free link not included by the scripter, but they don’t mind if someone else shares it in the replies
  3. free link not included by the scripter, and they don’t want anyone to share a free link

The problem is that tagging based on (2) becomes invalid once anyone shares a link in the replies. So the new rules around #no-free-links only targets case (3)

Question: should we update older release posts too?

I noticed that someone mentioned that updating tags on an older post makes then “New” again. I’ve also seen that some are updating older posts and not just recent posts, hence the question.

Tip: Use a “site rules updated” jpg and post it first in the OP. That way it will be very visible among new/latest views for those with previews enabled. I personally missed this thread when it was posted.

ehh personally I wouldn’t bother updating old topics. Sounds like a nice to have but prob more trouble than it’s worth

I would delete all paid-media tags directly in the database and only creators where it is clear that “paid-media” means “no-free-links” transform the old tag to the new one. Thats not much work in the database and ends the paid-media crap immediately.

There a still people who use the tag in new posts.

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and only creators where it is clear that “paid-media” means “no-free-links” transform the old tag to the new one

how would this work? it would require a lot of human effort wouldn’t it?

Okay, there are just a few VR scripter that I know who don’t like piracy links and they did a minimum 200 posts. For the rest, search content for phrases like “no free links” or something else in DB. The rest just delete paid-media.

tag for #paid-media has been deleted


Tag was added again…

Maybe creating new tags should be limited to mods?