[Updated Version] What Device Do You Use When Using Interactive Sex Toys?

Hi all , last week , we had a poll about what device you use when using your sex toy .

In the results , PC and VR took dominant positions , of course … XD

Some friends suggested that options should be more specific. For example , VR can be split into all-in-one and pc-streaming . And the option of mobilephone is also interesting.

So let’s have a new poll !

  • PC only
  • VR Headset (all-in-one)
  • VR Headset (PC-streaming)
  • SmartPhone (already using)
  • SmartPhone (i want , but it’s not working)
  • SmartPhone (i don’t want)

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I don’t know how to vote in your poll. I use a computer and Handy during breakfast and after I finish my morning coffee, I switch to my VR headset (all-in-one).