Upgrade from Launch to SR6

I’ve been on the market for an upgrade and bought the Autoblow AI+ but that was a complete waste of money… So I was doing some research and it seems SR6 is the one.

I have a few questions about it though.

On the site youhobbiescustomized, is the SR6 the base model, as in that’s all I need to get it going?

Is the noise of the base model really loud to where you can’t get fully immersed? I’ve read someone’s experience saying the servos are loud, so what upgrade would I need to dampen the noise?

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The base model is a multi axis stroker that can have other features added to it.

See my sales post here for more info.

A decent pair of headphones will work for immersion from my experience.

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Thank you for replying. So the base model comes with the desk mount (minus the screws and bolts). What do you suggest if I plan to use it while laying down in bed? I see from your videos that you’ve attached it to a piece of wood.

You could use this. Works for all places. :ok_hand:

I’m curious what other solutions people have come up with for use in the bedroom.

One of my favorite talking points regarding the SR series is all of the possible mounting options the community has contributed.

I will share some images I have saved from different people.




Bed (laptop stand):


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haha wow, that’s great. Looks like this problem awakens everyones inner MacGyver. :rofl:

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Exactly why I love this community.

lmfao Necessity is the mother of invention. :rofl:

What mount is that for the bed with the two legs? It looks the most of what I was going for.

I use this support for my sr6


Ill edit the post to show as well. It is laptop stand that has holes in it allowing for it to be used for mounting a sex robot.