SR6/OSR2 easy mounting / handsfree solution for all locations (desk/bed/couch)

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share my (3d printed) mounting solution for the SR6/OSR2 with you. It’s quite versatile as it is meant to be of use in a variety of positions/situations, as well as being easy to put together/source. The contraption essentially consists of a 3d printed part, a plank and a clamp. You might even have these laying around already.

Note: I am using the SR6 wirelessly (via WiFi using khrull’s firmware), so if you plan to remain pc-bound, the usefullness of the non-desk mounting option depends entirely on your living situation in combination with the total length of USB extension cables available to you. :sweat_smile:

The model provided below has recesses and holes for M8 nuts and bolts to secure the clamp; one on the back and one on the side (not pictured here). The clamp design is dual use and very stable. Even in bed it won’t move around in any meaningful way as your legs are holding everything down. The longer the plank, the more stable everything will be. The plank I am using is atleast a meter long.

Bed/Couch mounting option (use a 50cm+ clamp)

Desk mounting option
Move clamp to the exteme position, position bracket, then slide into place. The bottom fastener screws in from the the side to allow room for your desk.

Current setup
Different clamp, same bracket. Also visible is a lube pump made from a spare peristaltic pump and a 3d printed cap, which allows automatic lube in combination with the cap being fully closed.

The following stl file is suitable for bar clamps with a width of <22mm and thickness of <7mm (11mm measured at endstops). When sizing up your clamp, measure at the very top. Sometimes the ends have been widened to keep it together, in which case the mount cannot slide on.

If you want to make your own but your parts are not compatible, you can request another size by @mentioning me in this thread or just alter the model yourself. On request I will attach another STL which should work with the dimensions you provide.

Model preview

Rename to .stl after downloading
SR6 clamp mounting bracket 7-22 M8.stl.txt (131.3 KB)


thanks for sharing
random thought, should we create something like a maker/builder/3d printing channel?


I would be down, but I unfortunately have a housing issue that needs to be resolved before I can get back to my projects.

What type of clamp is the first one? Not sure I ever seen a quick clamp with jaws and handle on same side.

Seems pretty typical to me; I don’t know the details though as I got it from a dollar store like 10 years ago.

I guess they are just less common around here then…

They seem to be called Lever Bar Clamps.

Thank you. I can now at least order one from amazon if needed.

I’ve been complaining to myself for a while that I didn’t have a good option for in bed, but didn’t actually put any effort into it.
This solution looks great, I even have all the parts lying around.

One concern I have is that one clamp might not be enough, and there will be some swaying. Two clamps side by side seems overkill though lol. Idk, I’ll see how it works when I get it together. Part is printing

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Hey this looks great! I’ve actually got a setup at the moment similar to Khrull’s own one but if I decided to change it up something like this would be ideal.