Upgrade my OSR2+ or go straight to SR6?

I just built an OSR2+ last month. Of course just as I completed my build, the SR6 was released.

I’ve really enjoyed the OSR2+ so far. I’ve got an Oculus Quest 2 on the way to dive into VR, and I was considering building a power bus and adding twist to the unit. The stock OSR2+ is definitely strong “enough”, but I can tell I’d like a bit more power.

Well, I started looking into adding the twist and power bus and of course that’s when I discovered the SR6 plans were released. For $60 I could make the upgrades to the OSR2+ but for $225 I could build myself an SR6 with twist. Decisions, decisions!

Curious what people think. I am kind of interested in trying VAM (though it seems like a bit of a pain in the ass to set up - not sure if that’s true or not). Mostly, it just seems to me like the SR6 is a stronger and more efficient machine which will also have less chance of servo burnout. Is it worth the money and time it takes to build if I already have an OSR2+?

If you want more power go to the SR6. The load is much more distributed across servos. If the multi axis portion isn’t as important you can also look into some 2x2 designs that are super powerful as well. If you’re looking for smoothness and nuance then perhaps upgrading servos on the osr2 would be a better choice and more economical since you’d be upgrading 2 or 3 servos rather than 6.

Not really advise, per se, but my experience:

I jumped right into the deep-end with an SR6, so I can’t compare it to an OSR2. I immediately upgraded the servos to keep the noise down. I’m not sure how loud the OSR2 is, but my original SR6 without servo upgrade was atrociously loud. I think it would have broken any sense of immersion. Fewer servos in the OSR2 might have been less irritating.

My SR6 with a sleeve warmer (I’m not sure this really adds much, to be honest - unless you are already in the habit of preheating your lube and sleeve) needs significant power. The original PSU I purchased to run the thing would constantly trip its over current protection and shutdown. I upgraded to a 10A supply.

While multi-axis content is more interesting, it’s also less common. If you’re not interested in making your own scripts for videos or setting up VAM, you may not end up with much new content you will enjoy. I haven’t yet had to free time to dig into setting up the SR6 with VAM, and I’ve done a fair bit of regular scripting, I haven’t jumped into multi-axis either.

That said the SR6 should be able to handle anything the OSR2+ can do and more. This is what motivated me to purchase the SR6 instead of the OSR2+, and I would probably do the same again today.

Curious, have you tried applying random synced motion to the other axis when using single axis scripts? I love it on my OSR2+ and was wondering if you had any experience to report.

what type of servos are you using?