Upscale Review - Aisha Bunny

Been trying to figure out upscaling using Topaz. Recently did an upscale on this Aisha point of view BJ vid, was hoping you guys could take a look and let me know what you think.

1.23 gigs so please import :+1:

Big thanks to @doolahrock & @tnxa for helping out with the software tips.

@tnxa I used your method on this video. I may have to try it again, I think this could look better.

ayyyyye - my specialty!

Could you please list out the steps you took along with settings if possible? That’d be the best way for me to give you feedback.

At first glance, the levels of the clip are a bit off - things are washed out. A quick look at a histogram shows a HUGE imbalance in the luma range - definitely should be addressed.

Personally I think that the smoothing was a bit aggressive - skin is too smooth and one dimensional.

Lastly, not sure if Aisha only publishes to Pornhub or anywhere else - but in general you want to avoid downloading from streaming sites - they use the most destructive compression possible to save bandwidth. - dayum i guess she retired and is nuking all of her videos - wasn’t able to find any original sources.

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This is the cleanest original I have, hope it helps


Here’s a quick levels/gain adjustment (no upscale or artifact cleanup yet) to show a little bit of what I’d attempt to do to address the funky black levels before passing it to VEAI.

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Greetings Mr @g90ak the brightening looks great :+1:
I didn’t try to adjust the picture, just wanted to clean up the video. I followed the method that @tnxa posted, but I’m sure I didn’t have things adjusted correctly. I’m new to Topaz, and still learning the software.

My first pass settings looked something like this, I don’t recall the exact.

The second pass I only did a 4k target output resolution, using Proteus. Then ran it through Flowframes. I’v never used FF, so I ran it without changing any settings. I didn’t use handbrake, odd thing with the file size. The Topaz output file was 1.6, the FlowFrames was 1.2

Sorry, for a bit of a tangent, but I’ve been looking at Topaz recently, but have seen only a few articles where people use it to upscale VR videos. Is that possible?

Yep! It takes MUCH longer though. No special settings. Just a lot of time. I will call out that if you are encoding beyond 4k - do not use h.264, as most GPUs do not accelerate h.264 beyond 4k. You’ll want to use h.265 which can hardware accelerate 8k and beyond.

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After some experimenting with the VERY rough input file - I can say that your upscale is very good. This is assuming you’re working from the same input file that @serialblue linked to. This is a video that is so artifact’ed and compressed that I probably wouldn’t have attempted it :slight_smile: So even though the skin tones are pretty smeared, your result is good - given the input file.

I WOULD really suggest to only compress the file ONCE - at the very end. Make every effort to make your workflow lossless until the final step. The current version of Topaz is really terrible at this - they got rid of h.264 and we’re left with a bugged Prores HQ profile that outputs extremely bloated files. I personally run VEAI version 2.6.4 so I can do lossless h.264.

Also - for Flowframes, use RIFE 2.3. Subsequent models available in Flowframes trade quality for speed. I’m personally migrating to other apps that have the newest RIFE 4.6 model which handles 4k better. Flowframes has been abaonded a bit by the developer, so I’ve been playing with SVFI and enhancr with decent results.

Lastly, you can always check out my workflow at this post - What is g90ak? How do I upscale/clean videos? I do find that my settings work best for “normal” quality videos and tend to stay away from low quality input - I may have to call that out along with my reccos.

Bravo - keep at it and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

I’ll update the thread with my attempt later today.


And, to make matter worse, for a 30-minute VR video, the application creates a 500+GB temporary file, and, in the end, generate the final 500+GB .mov file. So you need more than 1TB of free space… :frowning:

Yeah. So dumb. Old version is better lol.

@g90ak Thanks for all the input mate. The next one I’ll pick something higher quality and see what kind of results I get. I usually go to Porntrex for higher quality videos, do you have a site you recommend?

For the amateur stuff I’ll usually just go subscribe to their onlyfans or purchase the vid on manyvids. That seems to be the closest to original quality that you can get. For more professional stuff I’ll try and get from the studio site if possible. There is always the option of sailing the seven seas, but that is not a discussion for here.

Here’s how I would have gone after the video.

  • Levels correction with Avisynth.
  • VEAI with AHQ.
  • SVFI with RIFE 4.6.
  • h.264 encoded at 19CRF.
  • Audio rejoined with ffmpeg.

Doesn’t address the artifacts as aggressively as your workflow. Just a different approach to similar goals.

And in case anyone cares, here’s the functions I used in Avisynth.

  • autoadjust(auto_gain = true, gain_mode = 0, bright_limit = 1.25, dark_limit = 10, chroma_process = 200)
  • autoadjust(auto_balance = true, balance_str = 1, chroma_limit = 2)

Curious - is this going to get scripted? :slight_smile:

Click through for before/after. Please import before downloading. File will be available for 30 days and then gone forever.


Definitely going to DL this! :+1:
You’re upscaling really brings out her eyes, which for me is one of the best features.

Yes this has been scripted. Both @VRProdigy and @Slibowitz did a script for this. I’m also working on my own version. Decided to experiment with vibrations, and didn’t like how it came out. So it may be a while before you see my version of this script.


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