Use OFS_Simulator3D in macOS with macOS OFS 3.2.0

  1. Download Godot Engine - .NET 3.5.3 MacOS Version and install(

  2. Download .NET SDK MacOS Version and install (

  3. Import the OFS_Simulator3D project into Godot Engine (GitHub - OpenFunscripter/OFS_Simulator3D: A 3D simulator for OFS made in godot. clone the project first)

  4. Editor Setting → Mono → Builds → Builds Tools select the “dotnet CLI”

  5. Active the Websocket API in MacOS OFS 3.2.0

  6. Run the scene in Godot Engine

  7. It is OK Now

  8. OFS_ Simulator3D has reversed the surge and sway, and I will to fix this issue. Currently, it is uncertain whether it is an error in OFS sending websocket messages or Simulator3D itself

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