Use SLR with the Handy but without VR gear?

Hello guys,

Before paying for the premium I would like to know if SLR’s interactive videos are “usable” without any VR gear? I only have the handy


You could download videos and script, convert the video to flat video and use Intiface and Scriptplayer

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I’ve yet to find a video converter that will do this with much success. Do you happen to have a recommendation?

I haven’t found any free software that converts VR to 2D. Been searching a long time so if someone knows a method and wants to share, that’d be awesome.

For the OP, the best solution I found was to download the script and load it into Scriptplayer or HandyControl, then play the video on the SLR website and match the timing up manually.

thats indeed a way to do it.

I know a guy is busy making a 3d to 2d converter but at the moment it still needs a lot of manual input and i found it very difficult and time consuming to do.

In your browser if you go to account settings you can enter your handy pairing code but I don’t think the web player has the capability to sync for some reason. There’s plenty of times I’d like to watch the vids without gear myself and the SLR website plays them in non SBS by default, no conversion necessary. Seems like a simple enough feature to add in, unless theres something im missing and you can already do it

IIRC when SLR announced pairing your Handy code they also mentioned that sync functionality was on the way too. Hopefully it’s sooner than later

You could try to install DeoVr on PC and see if it lets you control it with mouse and keyboard / gamepad.

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