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I just got myself a handy and a lot of people from reddit mentioned this site as the go to place for scripts. I am not the most tech savvy and my time is very limited due to an around the clock job. However, can anyone direct me to the most user-friendly scripting services? I saw a few on the handy website but I feel like a deer looking straight at a car’s headlights here. I am ok with paying but as long as it is user friendly. I searched a few scenes, but I have no clue what to do

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in case you didn’t know, there’s a BUNCH of free scripts made by people here in #scripts:free-scripts

Sorry I am going to sound really dumb here to you probably but I got the video and the script file but I don’t seem to understand how to import it into the handy. There is no usb port or anything. Ive got the handy connected to the website but no where to drag and drop the files.

That is why I mentioned user-friendly paid sites because it seems like the free stuff is for very tech savvy people. To me at least

at minimum you have to figure out how bluetooth or wifi works with handy to get it to play scripts. no way around that.

i don’t have a handy, but I’d assume there’s some straightforward getting started guides for custom scripts somewhere. Anyone have a link?

As I mentioned in my last message.
“Ive got the handy connected to the website but no where to drag and drop the files.” (Handy connected - Green light)

I have it already connected but just lost on the next step. That is why I asked about streaming sites that everyone uses so I do not need to worry about importing the video and script to the handy.

if you have a connection key, you can plug that into SLR VR App and get synced videos with scripts fairly quickly with a paid sub. alternative is

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Thank you! SLR and

Are these the top two in the biz?

I see NaughtyAmericaVR on the handy site is this good as well?

Ok the light-bulb just lit up above my head with this part of your comment. Thank you very much sir.

With the Handy you pretty much need your connection key at least 1 time for each service.

Paid Streaming: SLR is the big player in this hobby. They have the most information, Getting started articles, and ease of use material. I would recommend SLR for you at least to get started. NA and WankzVR have some offerings but I am not too familiar with them enough to give them a thumbs up at this time.

Free Streaming: has free streaming and you can find their thread on this forum easily if you have any questions. The handy site has some other streaming partners or mentions but I have not tried them personally.

For scripts you need to have them on your computer or vr device NOT your handy. I have a folder where I have the video and script with the same exact name. My VR script player can fetch them once I select the video. This is where this community comes in bc so many awesome people create and post their scripts for other people.

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Hi @99alu - Assuming you are looking for VR, here’s a picture guide I made that should help you quick and easy to setup to instantly stream great content with your Handy @99aluHow To Connect Your 147+ Sex Toys For Interactive 2D and VR! (Including the HANDY, Fleshlight LAUNCH, Kiiroo KEON, VORZE, LOVENSE, and more) Step by Step Guide with Pictures!)

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Feel free to ask if you get stuck anywhere at all

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Thank You Thank You Thank You!

Both of your guy’s messages have been very helpful!

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