Using an Xtoys script with Webpage Viewer to have Muah AI control toys

I was wondering if anyone has experience using Xtoys, which is an app to control teledildonic sex toys. In the past I made a script with a ton of keywords and used the Xtoys Discord bot to watch a channel for those keywords to control my toys. I made a GPT 4 chatbot that I could then message and it was able to control the toys that way and roleplay at the same time which was super cool. The Muah AI seems smart enough to understand the commands, so I wanted to try it with that. Xtoys has a webpage viewer, so I could set it up to watch for keywords in the right element on the page of messages. I tried basing it off of two different scripts that someone has helped me with in the past, but I’m not very good at that type of thing. Not sure if I’m using the wrong element of the page, or just setting it up wrong. If anyone would be willing to take a look and/or help me it would be much appreciated. Here’s the links of what I was trying to do:

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I tried it as well and couldn’t get anywhere.
I also tried the other scripts on xToys, but it wouldn’t work.

So if someone manages to connect toys to some kind of sexting/chatbot/ai service, please share how you did it :grinning:

I modified someone’s tease they made for Kindroid AI to work for stroking and vibrating toys.

It seems to work well, just sometimes it will lose focus or not put it in the correct format. I’ve also used the ChatGPT 4 API to make a discord bot and then a script that watches it for keywords to control the toys. That one works really well, but it costs money for each message.

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