Using Blender as a multi-axis script editor

Theoretically, yes. I don’t have an Oculus Quest 2/3 to test.
But you have to realize that the controller uses a bunch of optical + inertial system to track positions (in HTC’s case, laser base stations and a 6-axis sensor in the controller). I’m using the HTC without a headset, as it’s a reprogrammed receiver from the Steam Controller to receive data from the HTC controller.
For Quest, it’s the cameras on the headset and the sensors in the controller. If you use Oculus Link to connect the headset to the PC to Steam VR, it might work. But your helmet must be pointed at the workspace and the cameras must see the table with the controller.

Before buying the HTC Vive, I experimented with PS Move + PS Eye - I almost got it, but the difficulty of launching and mediocre accuracy prevented me from getting any further than the tests.
Blender also has a mode for VR headsets, you can write multi-axis scripts directly in the headset :wink: but I haven’t tried it yet.

Thank you for your reply. I will test whether Quest3 is available during the holiday. Now Quest3 can be streamed directly to the computer using the Steamlink app, which is very convenient

It will likely require reworking the matrix conversion math from your controller and tracking button presses, but a quick search says that all headsets now support OpenXR and in general my script should work.

I just tested using Quest3 and the script works, but it seems to be in the opposite direction and the Y-axis cannot be recognized. And I can only operate in desktop mode with the headset (I don’t know how Blender enters VR operation mode), because when I remove the headset, it will automatically go to sleep.

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Cool, thought it wouldn’t work at all :wink:
I have in Steam VR settings to work without headset at all, in your case it will not work - because the optical system is in the headset. So yes - most likely in desktop mode, or tuck in a sensor that determines whether the headset is on or not.
I foresee the problem with the mathematical matrix, also you need to understand the local coordinates of the controller

In Comparison.
From what I can see there should be no problem with the matrix, only the vector needs to be adjusted (they are different).
And what is the inconsistency of Y movements/rotations?

Do you need the headset to set up the HTC Vive controller? Or can you just buy the controller and use it on its own for this? I have a quest 3 but its a pain in the ass to use it without wearing the headset.

You need one controller, one base station, and a receiver for the Vive tracker (I use a reprogrammed receiver for the Steam Controller)