Using DeoVR app on phone with Scriptplayer on laptop?

So I have installed the DeoVR app on my mobile phone. How do I connect it to the Scriptplayer? Could I use my phone as my local host? I’m sorry if that sounds dumb, but the only thing I know is how to Google stuff and I’m at my wits end here :confused:

DeoVR has discontinued the API ScriptPlayer used to connect to it.

Okaaaay, so I’ve looked at this link here (Premium VR Videos | DeoVR) but I’m not sure if the steps there get me to my desired end result or if they do something else. ^^’

If they don’t: Do you you know of any other way to connect my phone to the ScriptPlayer? I mainly want this to happen: I have the VR video files installed on my phone and the necessary scripts on my laptop. I just want my phone to act as the main input when controlling both files, e.g. when fast forwarding on my phone, the scripts should also jump ahead. Is there any way to accomplish this?

Nah sorry, I get asked to integrate external players all of the time and most of them don’t keep their end compatible very long. Maybe Whirligig is still working? No idea …

I was afraid that that would be the case. It can’t be that hard to program though right? I just started to learn how to code with Python and I don’t know much at all, but I’m now wondering if it possible to do…

Sorry, you lost me there. What exactly do you mean?

Making an app that allows you to have your videos stored locally and that runs your scripts through your phone as well.

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