Using Funhalver portion of a script

Is there a way to reduce speed with Funhalver portion of a script instead of the whole script? Sometimes I would like to keep the end of a script at full speed but the rest of the speed halved.

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Funscripts are plain-text, so what you could do is identify the time at which you’d like the script to be split between half-speed and full-speed, and then manually splice them together. You’ll have to learn how a JSON file is structured since if you mess something up the script won’t load. But it should be quite easy!

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You could import script and video into OpenFunScripter and fix it there if that is considered easier:

  • Use file import and select the video. The script will be loaded automatically if it’s named as the video and is in the same folder.
  • Select the part of the script you want to modify in the graph.
  • Select top or bottom points using the Select menu.
  • Use +10% or -10% buttons depending on if you selected top or bottom points. I don’t remember if you have to bind those commands to keys first. Check Keys in the Options menu. The ±10% bindings are in the Moving section.
  • Once you are done you can do a quick export of the script from the file menu (ctrl-shift-s), which will create a new funscript (make sure you have a copy of your original script in case it’s overwritten with the new script). Ordinary saving will only save your project and is not a funscript file.
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I began doing that, trying to identify the time where to split and such but it wasn’t easy as I thought. Looking quickly through a funscript, I do understand a funscript with pos meaning postioning where the sleeve is supposed to be. But I didn’t get the time. Is the time written in milliseconds?

Thanks! I’ll try it out!

Yep, the time is in milliseconds - so 8:32 → 512 seconds → "t": 512000, for example.

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