Using iPhone as VR Heaset

Hey quick question, i wanna try out SLR, is it possible to watch VR videos if i only have a iPhone and a cardboard VR box to put my iPhone ? I have the Keon, would really appreciate if somebody could tell me if and how i can use my iPhone and Keon to watch videos and play scripts on SLR :+1:

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I may be wrong but I believe youd need an android phone to get that to work because youd need to install an older version of the DeoVR app to do anything through SLR with a mobile device. SLR technically doesnt do MobileVR anymore. I doubt you can install outdated version of apps on an iPhone.


hmmm try downloading chromeos and run it through there and then when watching a VR video click on the cardboard headset icon.

i belive that you will have to also make sure your kirroo should be connect to haptics…

Good luck if i think of anything else ill let yall know

i found this though

"## Not recommended headsets

Users only experience 20% of VR’s potential with the previous generation of headsets, such as the Cardboard, [color=#]iPhone, PSVR (2016), Daydream and GearVR. These are not recommended at all due to poor performance, lack of connectivity or simply not being suitable for VR. Any phone-based headset is not suitable for VR compared to dedicated VR headsets. The SLR app has stopped supporting these devices since May 2021.[/color]

Playstation VR should be avoided as the constrained PS environment offers little support for VR porn. This applies to both the 2016 PSVR and the upcoming PSVR 2 which is due in February 2023.

The Oculus Go released in 2018 and the Quest 1 released in 2019 are not recommended due to inherent limitations and poor performance compared to newer devices. The SLR app has been discontinued on the Go since May 2021."

Please don’t What’s the best headset for VR porn

Hey quest pro or pico 4 and enjoy the best stuff out there

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They werent asking for recommendations on which standalone vr headset they should buy. They dont have one and im guessing If they were planning to buy one thanbthats what theybwould have asked. The fact is MOST people cannot afford to spend miney on a standalone vr headset at all, let alone buy one specifically to use scripts for vr porn. But EVERYONE has a phone. You dropping support for mobile devices was the dumbest thing you could have possibly done. You will forever amdbinly ever be considered a niche product now. Most people would be more than satisfied with the “20% of the full potential of vr porn” that mobile devices provide because they will NEVER have the opportunity to experience the standalone headset experience. Youve chosen to improve the technology and quality of your product to cater to an extremely small minority of people that can afford and are willing to buy luxuries like the pico 4 or quest pro. And in doing so losing EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET as potential customers.


I don’t know with iOS specifically. However, for android there are various vr video players in the app store. I did this for a while before getting a proper vr headset. I had to unstrap the phone, choose a video file, hit play, strap phone back in, put thing over face… But I even got to enjoy DLNA playback this way lol.

Modern stuff over 4k probably won’t run well on a phone. It’s enough to figure out if you want spend for a proper setup or not. You’re missing a lot of the experience though. Also no clue on connecting the toy at the same time. You certainly could control it manually.

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just sharing the info i found on SLR… Mobile phone headsets might not be the best option for VR porn .

i dont even own a vr headset … just trying to help…

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Bro I wasnt replying to you. I was replying to doublevr
Calm down

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