Using scripts on mobile

Hey everyone!

I mainly want to use scripts in combination with VR videos. Are there scripts players that can be used on your phone? I watch my VR content on my phone since a proper pair of VR Goggles is too expensive for me :confused:

I hope that someone knows the answer to my question and can guide me into the right direction!

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The only luck I’ve had is with the HandyFeeling site web player. Feels bad but I’m pretty sure that’s our only option since they got rid of DeoVr

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How much is too expensive? You can find a Oculus Go on ebay for less than $100. It’s not the best but it’s better than the cell phone route.

That’s an interesting suggestion. I’ll look into that! If I were to get one, how could I get it to work with the scripts? This question might be a little dumb, but I’m totally new to this whole thing ^^’

I would look into this, best script app for the Quest 2. I would ask about it working on the Quest Go.

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