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Using water with lube

Just wondering if I’m not alone on this.
I keep two pump bottles on hand, one for lube the other for water. Obviously start off with lube, then as the script plays the lube begins to get a bit gloppy and thick. So I add just a 1 or 2 pumps of water. I find that this rejuvenates the lube and in addition gives it more of a loose watery texture similar to saliva. Let me know your lube tips and tricks. :+1:

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YESSSS!!! I discovered this too! I was going through way too much lube and this works wonders. I love the consistency right after the water refresh - super slick so you can feel every move. I also have a handy for auto stroking but sometimes good old left hand is the best ;). I use a small spray bottle for water and it works wonders.

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Nice one :+1:
I should have mentioned that I’m using a Quickshot which is open-ended.

I add water to my lube (Swiss Navy Water based lube) up to as much as 30-40%. Similar result - makes it last longer and more slick consistency.

Discovered this as well. Cannot fly without a small water spray bottle. Thats also the beauty of an open ended sleeve.

Even with a headset on, I just spray water in that general direction and the effect is instant.

I think this is a great solution when using open-ended sleeves, since they dry out very fast. I mostly use close-ended ones in general, and I had most lubes die on me after some 10-15 minutes. On that note I do want to shoutout my current favorite lube “Maude Shine Organic”, as its the only one to last longer than this for some 20-30 minutes on average. Barely anyone knows about it so I like to spread the word.


With an open ended sleeve I use a spray bottle with water to hit the exposed parts once and a while. Works perfectly.

I found that using the I-Lube attachment for use with the OSR6 and filling the reservoir with water to pump into the fleshlight is a better method than adding more lube because of this.

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Call me a broke perv, but Virgin Olive oil works in a pinch if you’re out of lube. It’s safe, doesn’t harm your toys, and works very well. Of course I’d rather something real, and your tips to add water sounds perfect. But if you’re in a pinch and don’t have your standard lube by you. Olive Oil will work just fine (that’s my tip) lol