Vibrations, suction and pump

A question - how to properly play and correctly set effects from the topic for OSR2/2+ and SR6?


  1. How much and how often during normal playback (timings) - e.g. 3 seconds every 5 minutes.
  2. How to properly associate with the event in the video (blowjob, spitting when handjobbing, adding lube, etc.) - so that the change in slip is felt.

Suction and air resistance:

  1. Mechanically, suction is only possible when the flashlight is lifted - depending on the height of the lift and the opening of the valve.
  2. Resistance is only possible when lowering - depending on height and opening.
  3. Linking to the events in the video - examples and best practices.


  1. Robots have one/few of the same vibration motors or several different ones.
  2. Events in the video (deepthroat, orgasm, etc.) - examples and best practices.

Share your experience writing scripts for these things and especially your experience of feeling the effects. Is it worth the trouble? Basically, the software I use for multi-axis has no problem adding the effects listed above frame by frame.

Doesn’t anyone use this functionality.

I could be wrong, but for the .suck scripts at least in the OSR2/SR6 tvalve, I am pretty sure it is designed to always open on the down stroke, and close for the up stroke to the level scripted. Rather than scripting each up/down stroke individually, you just script the closure strength, and it auto does the rest. I.E for a BJ scene you can set a flat 80-100% closure and the device will do the opening/closing per stroke based on that. By default, I believe it automatically does something like 50% closure on the up stroke and opens for the down stroke with no .suck script.

That being said, I don’t believe you can do air resistance without needing to supply modified firmware for the ESP32 as well due to this built in behavior (and who knows what kind of strain it would put on the servos, might need higher than the default 20kg, although a lot of people are running 35kg+ these days).

I can’t comment for the vibe/pump scripts, as very few people use them. Most people with a lube pump use it with a manual button rather than scripted, probably due to very few scripts having it, and partially due to the extra wiring hardware required to get it working (especially if you want the button to remain in tact). I would definitely upgrade mine to scripted if more scripts were made to handle it, but for now there just aren’t enough to justify it.

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If I understand you correctly, you can simply take the basic script, copy the main movements from there. which are related to blowjob and create automatically a script where for the upper positions it is 50% and for the lower 100% valve opening (in principle in OFS it will take a little time).
For cases where there is a clear smacking of the vacuum with the lips, would it be enough to close the valve to 100% at 80 and open it to 100% at the moment of “smacking”?
As for the air resistance, I understand that there is no experience and here you need to experiment, but I don’t have the device yet - that’s why I’m asking questions. Although above there is this information that the valve is open 50% when moving in, which will give some resistance.
Regarding the pump, we need to somehow derive an average (pumps are all about the same and the consistency of the lubricant, the area inside the Fleshligth too). Again based on the basic script, having dependencies for blowjob 10% of pump run time, for vaginal 5%, for spitting and hand rubbing 20%, for anal 1% to make a script for pump is not difficult.
Thank you for your reply.

Perhaps @Tempest as the creator of OSR2-SR6 can give me a hint.

What he said. :+1:

Just script the desired level of suction and the device firmware handles the valve angle.

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What about the pump - any data on running times? Guys use, even in manual mode, even if it’s a “I have a 350ml vial and it lasts me about 7 hours of video” kind of feedback, so by taking the pump and its datasheet:

type A: 60-150ml/min
type B: 25-70ml/min
type C: 10-26ml/min

we calculate that for type C we get 350 ml / 7 hours / 18 ml/min = 3 minutes per hour, which is 5% of the time.

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