Vibrations, suction and pump

A question - how to properly play and correctly set effects from the topic for OSR2/2+ and SR6?


  1. How much and how often during normal playback (timings) - e.g. 3 seconds every 5 minutes.
  2. How to properly associate with the event in the video (blowjob, spitting when handjobbing, adding lube, etc.) - so that the change in slip is felt.

Suction and air resistance:

  1. Mechanically, suction is only possible when the flashlight is lifted - depending on the height of the lift and the opening of the valve.
  2. Resistance is only possible when lowering - depending on height and opening.
  3. Linking to the events in the video - examples and best practices.


  1. Robots have one/few of the same vibration motors or several different ones.
  2. Events in the video (deepthroat, orgasm, etc.) - examples and best practices.

Share your experience writing scripts for these things and especially your experience of feeling the effects. Is it worth the trouble? Basically, the software I use for multi-axis has no problem adding the effects listed above frame by frame.