Video compilation from LuxuryGirl

Hello to all Luxurygirl fans. We already have a lot of scripts with her, only mine are already eight. And I decided to try to make a compilation out of them.

@Husky @Galbine @Nodude @spaceguy4820 @mADsCRIPTS also has scripts with her, if you don’t mind, I could also insert fragments of your scripts.

Can’t say how much time I need for this, I’ll do it when I want to take a break from writing new scripts. But someday I will definitely do it.
Fucked a Beauty Babe with Big Tits and a Great Ass - LuxuryGirl_00_01_52.589

Cut 36 out of 36 videos.
The total duration of the excerpts is 56:16
67 of 100% complited


Great idea, will monitor for final product

Sure, you can use my scripts. They are pretty old so probably the quality could be better, something to consider for you, but I don’t mind.

Yes, feel free to use mine too.

slap my fucking tuna and call me jared :heart_eyes:
yes you may use mine

Hell yeah :joy: of course you can use my scripts.

I decided to expand the compilation a bit, I will script excerpts for unwritten videos separately.
In total, 36 videos from her will be involved. Estimated compilation time 40-50 minutes.
Already started cutting video clips.
In the meantime, you can try the script for her new video.


I am very excited about this idea! :heart_eyes:

Finished cutting the video, today I’ll start putting it together. If a new video is released during the assembly, I will add excerpts from there as well. In addition to existing scripts, you will have to write a lot of new ones, but this is already easier than making an assembly)


Finished video
Today I had free time and managed to quickly finish the assembly.
Tomorrow I will start writing the missing parts of the script little by little.
This will be a script corresponding to the action on the screen, but if anyone wishes, then you can make a PMV for this


Haven’t updated here in a while.
The script is 67% ready, and now I’m only working on it, I think it will be ready in the coming days.
I also slightly leveled the sound in the video, in the first version the differences were very large.
Video link added to main post.