Video editors wanna give advice to a relative noob

I have a project in mind to make a VHS workout-type video cause I have almost all of the workout series videos from elegant angel. I want to put it to some 80s workout music for the theme but I would be cutting the scenes manually. Any advice on what to focus on in making these types of videos or any general tips? Im using adobe premiere. And I want to script it to the action :fearful:

One piece of advice I can give you is to make sure your next clip lines up with the action of the previous clip. Example, doing a bj comp. The first clip ends with the D out of her mouth, then the next should start with it out of her mouth. Doing this will keep your script fluent and avoid any out of place jerks or fast movements.

Here is a link to a comp I made from scratch, note how one clip flows into the next.

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