Video finishing scenes / patterns

Hi folks,

I came across the idea, that it would be great to have videos where you actually can trigger your orgasms, so that a pre-defined orgasm script get’s played. Some like it slowly and gently, others might want it to pace up… Or you hit a key and it stops to let you edge and continues either after a certain time or another key that’s hit. Kinda like in fapinstructor, but in actual scripted videos.
The kingdom choice would be that the video scene would actually switch to a either cumshot or edging scene before it continues. :slight_smile:

Is there anything like that out there?

If you use the slr app. They have commands (which can be put into controller or manually clicked) that will send the device into edging mode, manual mode, or simply pause the script and return it to the base. - it’s not exactly what your looking for. But I love access to the edging mode

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