Video quality questioning


On this image are the metadatas for 2 videos downloaded un h265 on SLR

The left one is around 5Go and le right one is around 10Go.

But when I’m playing the videos in deovr on quest 2 the left one with smaller size is really soft and clean and the other one is really really blury. Like watching youtube in 360p. Is it because the video size is bigger ? Because at the moment 7K video as worth quality than the 5K video

I can’t give an answer on your question. However, I just wanted to point out that the file size difference is caused by the 7K being 51min long and the 5K only 29 min. The 7K has higher bitrate too, which is probably caused by the higher resolution since both have the same frame rate (59.94 frames/s) and more pixels must be transferred for each frame in 7K compared with 5K resolution.

What you can’t see here is how the file is encoded in case that could explain it. Try comparing the encoding settings with MediaInfoOnline - MediaInfo in your browser . It is a browser only app and no files are leaving your computer. It just extracts all technical data about video and audio encoding.

You are comparing remastered version of the video from 2016 (WankzVR) to the scene shot in 2020 (TMWnetVR). This is probably why the quality of the WankzVR video sucks, it’s just upscaled 3k scene to 7k resolution.

The resolution doesn’t always mean better quality, a lot of scenes over 5k are just upscaled version of their 5k counterpart.

Ok if it’s an upscale I understand then. This quality is very poor don’t really know why the post some bad content like that