Video Quality

I don’t think its big deal for anyone but for me I tend to skip past anything with a lower resolution than 1080p. It would be nice to have said tag like 720p or 4k or whatever. Just my thoughts, not a real issue just wondering if anyone else feels the same.

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For me it also depends on if it’s a 2D vs VR vid. I’m fine with 720p if it’s 2D, but I’d pass on a 4K VR vid

Yeah I agree with @xrobin. I’m picky about VR quality, 2d quality not so much. I noticed the quality problem usually solves itself in a matter of days with all the upscales flying about.

Nobody will tag resolutions, tags are still limited

This is a script site. Not a file sharing site.


also people could share additional links in the comments, so it would get pretty screwy