View vr videos and scripts on your android

This information is partly in other guides, but recently this issue is relevant and I decided to put it in a separate topic.
If you want to use your smartphone as a VR headset, you need to:

  • The presence of a sufficiently powerful smartphone capable of playing VR videos in good quality. And also something like Google Cardboard, any VR glasses without a screen that can fit your smartphone will do

  • Download DeoVr Player. I downloaded it from a third party source and cannot guarantee its security, use at your own discretion 135.17 MB file on MEGA

  • Install script player on your computer or laptop
    ScriptPlayer Beta Features (and how to get them)

  • Your smartphone and computer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network

How to synchronize video on smartphone and script on computer:

  • To get started, go to the DeoVr settings and in the Developer section, activate the item “Enable remote control”

  • In the players section, find DeoVR and write “IP address of your smartphone (can be found in the Wi-Fi network settings)”:23554

  • Download the desired video to your smartphone and open it in DeoVr using the Local Files item

  • Run script player and select DeoVr as video source, if you did everything right, you will see the inscription “DeoVr connected”

  • After that, drag the script file into the script player window

  • Don’t forget to adjust the script delay, in my case, you need to set approximately -100 ms, your value may differ

  • Connect your interactive device as you would in normal use with 2D video and enjoy VR


In the players section, find DeoVR and write “IP address of your smartphone (can be found in the Wi-Fi network settings)”:23554

I can’t find DeoVr Player in scriptplayer settings. It’s just missing there.

What version are you using?

the latest

As I understood the devs of ScriptPlayer have removed DeoVR Player interconnection feature from the settings because of some API issue.
However I found a way to run my VR video and the funscript on my phone. I used the MultiFunPlayer software instead of Scriptplayer and the DeoVR app from your post. And it is working perfectly.

MultiFunPlayer v1.25.2 - Multi axis funscript player - Now with SLR Interactive support:

Here is the instruction how I succeded to run everything:

  • First of all it is required to download and install Intiface Central on your PC/Laptop. Can be downloaded from here: Intiface® Central | Intiface®
  • Run the Intiface Central, start the server and connect a toy to it.
  • Download and install DeoVr on your phone.
  • Open DeoVr and in settings find Enable remote control. Switch it on.
  • Download and Install MultiFunPlayer v1.25.2 on your PC/Laptop.
  • Connect your phone and laptop to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Run MultiFunPlayer.
  • Press + on the top right corner and select DeoVR
  • Press downarrow under the gear icon. Here you have to enter IP adress of your phone with the port 23554. This IP can be found in Wi-Fi network preferences on your phone. For example:
  • Press Play/Connect button under the DeoVR Disconnected tab. If everything is OK the DeoVR status should change to Connected.
  • Now Press + button(Add output) on the bottom right corner and select
  • Press down arrow icon on the bottom right corner.
  • Press on Device Map
  • Configure your device. For Keon should be: Axis L0, Device Name: Kiiro Keon; actuator type: Position; Index: 0. After that press green + button.
  • Press Play/connect button under the Disconnected tab. status should change to Connected.
  • On your PC/Laptop drag and drop to MultiFunPlayer(under L0 tab) your funscript.
  • Find and open your video in DeoVr.
  • Adjust the offset and output range in MultiFunPlayer if required.
  • Enjoy!

Give it some time guys

You are going to have it all :fire:

I guess it won’t work without the SLR subscription. I mean you will not even able to play some vids located on your phone without the sub.

Does not have to be an active subscription. Could be any purchase ever made on SLR from that account

Any update on this? Can I use a keon on android cardboard with the SLR app?