View vr videos and scripts on your android

This information is partly in other guides, but recently this issue is relevant and I decided to put it in a separate topic.
If you want to use your smartphone as a VR headset, you need to:

  • The presence of a sufficiently powerful smartphone capable of playing VR videos in good quality. And also something like Google Cardboard, any VR glasses without a screen that can fit your smartphone will do

  • Download DeoVr Player. I downloaded it from a third party source and cannot guarantee its security, use at your own discretion 135.17 MB file on MEGA

  • Install script player on your computer or laptop
    ScriptPlayer Beta Features (and how to get them)

  • Your smartphone and computer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network

How to synchronize video on smartphone and script on computer:

  • To get started, go to the DeoVr settings and in the Developer section, activate the item “Enable remote control”

  • In the players section, find DeoVR and write “IP address of your smartphone (can be found in the Wi-Fi network settings)”:23554

  • Download the desired video to your smartphone and open it in DeoVr using the Local Files item

  • Run script player and select DeoVr as video source, if you did everything right, you will see the inscription “DeoVr connected”

  • After that, drag the script file into the script player window

  • Don’t forget to adjust the script delay, in my case, you need to set approximately -100 ms, your value may differ

  • Connect your interactive device as you would in normal use with 2D video and enjoy VR