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Vote on a VR script request

I decided to script something from the script request section. I picked a few VR options for you to vote on. I’ve searched and haven’t found any indication that any of these has been scripted already.

You can vote on up to 2 choices, but only one winner will be scripted. Poll closes on Sunday.
  • BadoinkVR - Quality time - Elsa Jean
  • CzechVR - Great case of a naughty maid - Gina Gerson
    (only if someone can confirm that this hasn’t been scripted by CzechVR already, it’s from 2018)
  • SexBabesVR - Like a dream - Jenny Wild
  • VRBangers - Cyberpunk 2077 - Sindal Xie & Sif Blvck
  • WankzVR - Givin head to get ahead - Jessie Saint & Kenzie Reeves

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Main site links to the videos:

Alternative links for some of the videos:


cyberpunk is such a cool scene…but super long and I imagine it’d be a slog to script.

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I can confirm that Great case of a naughty maid doesn’t have a script yet on CzechVR

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All are winners but that Kenzie/Jessie Saint scene… Chef’s kiss

Cyberpunk for sure! Very different from anything I’ve seen.

Also ı can endorse the cyberpunk scene. Good ambience and legit work from female talents.

Btw this Czech vr scene is burning but i dont think that it’s fair working with low-res scenes in Vr.

And last, i can recommend the kenzie reeves scene too. With kenzie you can be sure that you will be getting the most hard, fast and short strokes simultanously in the bizz.

The answer is always… Elsa Jean.


I voted for Elsa, she has some good riding in that scene. I would vote for Jenny too, but the guy ruins it for me in that scene, too much moment from him when she is riding.

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Seems like we have a winner. I’ll start scripting today :slight_smile:

Thank you all who participated in the vote!


BadoinkVR - Quality time - Elsa Jean

Script for the video that won can be found here.

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Thank you for making me aware of the cyberpunk scene, will have to get that and hope for a different future vote :smiley: