Vr / 3d stereo conversion

Does anyone know how to convert standard videos into stereo 3d? Is there software I can download to convert my videos?

I’m trying to convert PMV’s and HMV’s to be used in VR.

I don’t think you can do that for now. You can always watch them in flat mode if that’s ok for you.

at the moment i think it is not possible.
but a combination of an app that can make deepfakes and some AI picture app like topaz video enhance might make it possible in the future.

It doesn’t work that way and VR videos are shot with 2 fish-eye lenses compared to how your sight works

This might be helpful VR video cameras: Canon R5C, ZCam K2 Pro, ZCam K1 Pro, Vuze XR | DeoVR

Since VR ‘3d’ is two camera’s and two distinct images, one for each eye, no. The only thing you can currently do is run an ffmpeg command or w,e to make a side by side video and then delay or advance one of the videos by a frame or two to create an artificial difference. Not 3d, maybe not even good tbh, plus the only write up I’ve seen is overly complicated. https://www.reddit.com/r/OculusQuest/comments/h7q1qf/make_your_own_3d_movies_from_2d_sources_for_free/

Some work is being done to do it with more realistically with ‘AI’

I’ve seen videos on how to make movies concert to 3d to watch in VR. So that special effects will kinda pop out. I’ll give that a crack and report any findings. I’m not necessarily trying to be able to look in all directions. But have some depth or something.

I’ll give it a crack with an HMV. If the video comes out alright I’ll post it.

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