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I downloaded a couple videos from slr to make an edit of them. all of them are 200 degree fisheye 4k h.265. I usually edit my vids in davinci resolve however these videos seem to be breaking playback in there. I tried editing them in blender to see if that would work and its the same issue. Scroll bar freezes over frames indefinitely and the vids seem to be freezing anything that tries to play them. is there a trick to editing video files like these? i did a test export with no editing from davinci and i was able to view that on my oculus so i dont think the files are corrupted or anything.

How long (approximately) did the export take?

Although I haven’t used DaVinci Resolve, but have used other softwares for editing VR stuff (the Adobe tools), and based on the issues you’ve mentioned, it most probably is a bottleneck issue on your system, which you would need to identify.

it exported super quick. there were no effects used on my test export, just little segments of each video i downloaded

even playback in vlc has the same freezing issue. is there a decoder i need to download or something?

You need to install h.265 codec on your computer if I had to guess.

Yeah you can try what @Husky mentioned or convert your video using tools like Adobe Media Encoder or Handbrake to H.264 or other compatible encoders. @Husky 's fix would be a one time fix, so recommend trying that first.

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hmmmm so thanks to your comment i looked into handbrake and that is working for half of the videos. Do we know if slr downloads for 200 degree fisheye vids dont playback or something? there is a warning when you download that they are only compatible with certain apps and i dont know if that is what the issue is. About half of the vids i download are converting fine but then the other half only convert the first minute and then error out as complete

Hmm could be an issue with the video codec itself. But as you mention there’s no pattern to it, some work some don’t, so it’s difficult to know. Can you share the name of the videos which aren’t converting, along with the Handbrake settings you used (which works for the other 200 deg vids)

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