VR in days


Moved from Game mod to Off Topic .
(I wanted to move it to General but it doesn’t allow the vr tag. You might wanna remove the tag for that.)

Interesting device, but ultimately not for me until they design a case that supports FleshLight sleeves.

It is removed. But I think this is about software

Hmm, I read this more as an update on product software, which are usually done in General (see the posts on SLR updates). The Software category is used for show and distribute softwares I guess.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t seem to fit under Game mod as the Syncbot isn’t yet compatible with existing integration methods. I’m looking forward to the day that happens though :wink:

sure, will do

@Syncbot_support I’d love to BETA test this. I’ll send an email as well to that effect.

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:stuck_out_tongue: Let’s do this together

I’m guessing I need to own a Syncbot to apply to be a tester?

It would be for every user finally

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ready now, we will send you the link

I wish to delete this post,would you please help me.

I guess the reason that this can not be deleted is because it was moved

Did you want this whole topic deleted?

Nah I can’t do that either… :anguished:

Discourse seems to be pretty strict on topic deletion (they want to preserve the continuity of discussion), so I won’t be surprised if there are restrictions on this. A mod may be able to help you with that.