VR Now! New Beta!

Now, in our new upgrades, Syncplayer can cooperate with Heresphere and Deo VR better than anyone, with the lowest latency and the most user-friendly interface. SyncPlayer is highly integrated with the best software architecture in the whole industry. Unlike other software, SyncPlayer requires no extra apps or webpages and thus with the most agile connection.

Although it is tested monthly already, for the best experience of our users we still want it to be beta tested by volunteers before the official upgrades. If you wanna apply to be a tester or you have any thoughts about vr sex you wanna share, please contact us via VRSEX@syncbot.com.

Some voices want us to close the beta test sooner, and release the official upgrades now. It is also fine. Please let us know your thoughts.


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I think all sycbot users have been waiting for this!

Relase sooner! .)

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Thats a lot of superlatives.


The most, you might say.


People just telling lies on the internet out here. Your pre-beta software with a 2" stroke length toy is the best in the world at everything? Ok, sure buddy. Existing script players have latency offset adjustments so no matter what your hardware/software setup, you can set it to sync correctly. Stop trying to bullshit the people who INVENTED the market you’re trying to cringe your way into.


Its true. Most players have offset adjustments and adjust to fit the script. Would i like the option to have the offset adjustment? Sure. But that does not invalidate their claim. I tried bluetooth audio and the player compensates accordingly. Use heresphere on quest 2 with sony wf-1000xm4. And i always had tmo adjust the scripts to diff ms. Ranging from 150ms, 200ms, 225ms, 400ms. Honestly, its a pain in the ass to keep readjusting the delay for audio based scripts every session. Prior to syncbot. Back then, i manually added delays to my scripts so i dont have to fiddle with the scriptplayer and multifunplayer settings. Ive been using either my old launch and osr2. So far with my testing and even with quest 2 heresphere+bluetooth+smb source, i did not encounter any desync from syncplayer. Everything ive thrown at it so far has not required me to adjust the timings. One thing i appreciate with the use for syncbot is that it allowed me to script freely and i can be exactly on time. It acts exactly how it is from ofs.

Just my experience so far with the new software for vr support. Even back then when i first got my syncbot, latency has never been an issue and didnt need to adjust anything. I used my sony hear.on2 wh-h900n and pretty much any other bluetooth earbuds i can use, it auto compensated on the delay and all the scripts i threw at it was in sync.

Im just curious tho. You call em a liar but have you tried their software and on how accurate it is?

I forgot to mention this. Due to how accurate they play the scripts. Syncbot gave me more job to do lol. I have to now remove any delays manually added to my script and make it accurate again.


I bought and paid for my own syncbot and in canada. Thats including the import taxes and shipping and what not. Didnt get any free stuff from them.


and even then it’s still not synced properly, lol. As someone who scripts primarily audio, the amount of time I’ve spent adding -10ms -20ms to audio scripts is the worst experience ever it’s never accurate and constantly changing with each video/song, throw in bluetooth it’s even worse. I’ve even had this issue with longer scripts syncing worse as they go on. I’ve had some scripts just become unplayable.

It produces this issue, because everyone does not have the same connection. I’ve skipped a lot of scripts because people put delays in them, or script the action a few points in advance to compensate. I’m not going to spend 15 minutes figuring that out, this is where their software shines.

Being able to use bluetooth listening devices, on top of the perfect syncing of scripts all in 1 program? (and now VR???)… I feel like they have earned the right to this claim. They should be proud. Some DJ tools aren’t even this good…

You seem a little bit upset, it’s okay to not like something… or to believe it not true. But misdirected anger based on ignorance of a topic makes you come across as irrational. I usually wouldn’t respond to something like this because it does not bring about progressive conversation but

this bothers me, you’re making baseless claims… they haven’t “bullshitted” anyone.


They are definitely trying to deceive people that their 1 day old software, and inferior toy are the best experience there is for vr scripts, and that is quantifiably not true. If you want to feel the action of a girl riding with 7 inch hip movements, the syncbots 2" stroke length is not going to feel like what she’s doing, at all. The toys that do this WELL already exist. The OSR has been twisting, and tilting, and rolling all up and down 9" strokes for years. There is no horrible problem that syncbot is saving us from, They are literally bringing nothing new to the table. They’re just shoving dishonest marketing everywhere while taking credit for, and shit talking other peoples work. Talented, generous people who have been making automated toys work WELL long before these guys showed up 5 minutes ago. I don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a dick sharpener to know that their 2" stroke is not even 25% of best in class, and definitely not the “best sex toy” for enjoying immersive vr scripts.


Syncbot Discord be like:



Modern psychology of marketing/purchasing is fascinating.
The infectiousness of techbro hype.
Choice-supportive bias and aggressive avoidance of buyers remorse. Public rationalization after purchase.
The instinctual lean towards reciprocity in those who score freebies.
The blinkered viewpoint of shills.
And, lastly, the extremist arguments pro/con for what is an entirely subjective experience with myriad impactful variables.


I remember an old episode of Pen and Tellers Bullshit where they replaced all the food in a fine dining restaurant with TV dinners, and water from the hose out back. Only 1 person complained. Everyone else smiled and complemented the chef. Then they went to a grocery store and bought a bunch of regular bananas and set up a taste test out front calling half of them organic. Almost everyone said the “organic” bananas tasted so much better. It’s wild how self deluding, and susceptible to marketing we can be.

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