VR on Iphone with Kiiroo Keon

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Anyone knows which program(s)/apps to use to get the Kiiroo Keon working with VR on Iphone 12 that does not require Bootcamp nor Parallels Desktop. I only have a Macbook Pro. Funscript Player only works with 2D movies.

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This list is a bit out of date for interactive software on mobile. Which software is available on iOS that can play VR movies?

If you find some apps that work for VR or haptics please share.

There is an app for Iphone called ‘Mobile VR Station’ which works fine with most VR videos that that are stored on the Iphone.

Intiface Cenral is both an app for Iphone and Mac. So you should be able to connect the Keon to your phone.

How to go from here… At what location do you place your script and get the script playing while you play the video at the same time?

I hope you find a solution that works.

When you find that solution, please share it here.

The options for a phone headset are very limited.

You might be able to rig something up with SteamVR for MacOS and RiftCat.

Coming soon

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