VR scene with black background for Quest 2 pass-trough feature

I’m looking for scenes (preferably scripted) that would be a perfect fit to test with pass-through on Quest 2.

As mentionned by this reddit user here from which I learned this trick :

the best scenes for this to work must have a dark background.

I’ve already found a few on SLR :

And I think DarkroomVR scenes would work great as well.

But if you have other great scene in mind, I’m interested


No script available but its dark…

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This one immediately came to my mind
:arrow_right: https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/jenna-jameson-pov-blowjob/22052?u=thehandyman :arrow_left:
An old one but certainly a very good one ! :grin:
Completely black background, you can’t have better. :love_you_gesture:

Can someone explain a little better how to do that trick on quest 2 ? :innocent:
Because I don’t fully understand through the explanation on reddit… :man_shrugging: (English is not my native language)


Thanks for the video, I’ll try it out.

Indeed, the explaination is not the easiest :smiley:

How I did it is first set my guardian to stationary a couple of meters in front of where I want to stand/sit eventually.

Then in the ‘experimental’ menu you have an option that let you add a ‘VR coach’, use that feature to draw the smallest coach zone on the floor where you want to stand/sit (so a few meters behind the guardian zone).

And as from that moment you’ll be on the edge of the zone and instead of giving you a warning like before, the Quest 2 will gradually fade out the video you’re watching to show you more and more of your surrounding environement. From there you just have to find the perfect balance between both.

And high contrast videos, where the performer is well lit on a black backround gives the best out of it. :slight_smile:

There might be a better way to achieve the effect so if you find it, let me know. And so far I’ve only encountered an issue with my Quest 2 telling me I’ve “spent too much time outside of the guardian zone.”


This sounds like a really cool idea, you could probably convert most reasonable vr videos to passthrough capable with some machine learning.

I did try it with nvidia maxine’s agiseffectapp (the engine behind nvidia broadcaster), but it works pretty badly.
Here’s an example of it going well:

Maxine seems to be using depth perception, so whenever they back off it becomes almost entirely black, only closeup scenes work.
But its damn fast.

If you want to replicate it, you can do this:

AigsEffectApp.exe --in_file=“Alex Hime Kendra Dorm Room.mp4” --out_file=“Alex Hime Kendra Dorm Room_passthrough.mp4” --bg_file=black.png --progress --mode=0 --comp_mode=5

(black.png is just a png with the same resolution as the video, but only black pixels)
(also the sample app only works in upto 4k)

You could probably fix this by building a custom version that splits the video into 2 and doing a passthrough of each “eye”, and also switch it from h264 to h265 for that 8k support.

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We are working to implement the feature into SLR app

How about Black box scenes PVRStudio Videos: Download Best 360 Full VR Porn | SexLikeReal?


Glad to hear SLR is working on this! AR has great potential to be the next level in immersion with VR. Can you elaborate on what the direction of your efforts are so far? What we might expect in the final product, when could we expect SLR AR to launch, etc. If your team needs some beta testing/feedback, i’d be willing to help ; )

Thx for the follow up.

We are fully focused on VR as we see AR nowhere near providing such a great experience. Yet we are trying new things out whenever we find them to be a match to our foundation. Passthrough does seem exactly like that.

We have a huge update (like really huge) in the last days of the year. The guys will get on passthrough in early Feb. Also there’s a ton of really big updates coming early next year as we get deep into


Does it work with white background?
Note there are two versions, one with white background and one with a bedroom background.

Fire and Ice from VRBANGERS is mental ! You should try it, one of the best scenes for this passthrough mode.

I would like to ask that is there any way to hide the circle around the passthrough ? , it’s really annoying and blockin the immersion.

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