VRbanger Annabel Redd Morning Surprise

Hello everyone, I’m looking for the script for the video The Morning Surprise with Annabel Redd, it has been removed from SLR does anyone happen to have at least the script ?

If the script was sold on SLR before the video was removed then no one shall share it here. Paid scripts does not fall into the “share a lost script” category mentioned in the site wide rules, only free scripts can do that.

Same here , i missed the notification where vrbangers quit to Slr and I lost the chance to buy them…
Any way to buy scripts on Realsync or other platform? Because I don’t understand why vrbangers don’t sell scripts on their official site like NA or CzechVr…
Thanks to their move we lost several very good script
GG Vrbangers!

The scripts sold at SLR weren’t created by VRBangers. They were created by official scripters working for SLR. When the video disappears they aren’t allowed to sell the scripts due to some twisted copyright in the US.

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