Vrcosplayx subscription comes with scripts?

I’m thinking of get a subscription for vrcosplayx but I cannot find out if they have script support for the handy. Does anybody know if they have (downloadable) scripts und if so, what the quality of them are?

I have a subscription and it doesn’t have any script. IMO the best one is CzechVR. They have a lot of 8k videos with free scripts just for $24. If you prefer North America performers you can try SLR or another one and find the scripts here.


Thank you for your Information. How sad they don’t have scripts as. Right now I have a subscription by SLR and it is ok so far. But I am a great fan of offline watching and there is SLR not my first choice. So I guess czechvr will be my next chioce.

I’m fairly new to VR but they have 8k vr sets?
Wow much be so clear to watch

In terms of visual quality CzechVR is the best. Since most models are Eastern European, they have accent. Because of that some people don’t like it. It doesn’t bother me specially when they are hot and the eye contacts and intimacy are great. They have some free full videos. You can download them for free and see with your own eyes. Don’t trust strangers likes me :smile: Free full VR porn videos - Czech VR


Just the first free one is 8k. The rest are 5k. So I recommend watching this: Czech VR 390 Christmas Wood - Czech VR


do you recommend any good VR headsets? i got a quest one so far and hoping to upgrade

Oculus Quest 2 is a very good standalone headset. It supports 8K VR video without any problem. It’s not expensive and you don’t need any cellphone or pc to watch porn with it.

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