VRPorn Premium - How (if possible) do I get the scripts for most of these associated videos?

So I signed up on the VRPorn website, mostly to update my VamX plugin and check out one or two of the VR games. The videos are just a bonus.

Something I noticed after searching on this website for scripts was the fact was that a lot of the videos on VRPorn.com have scripts.

How, if possible do I access these scripts? They are with SLR or something like this? Can I not access these? I mean, I paid for access to these sites that have scripts. Are they not associated in any way?

VRporn, SLR and POVR are competitors. If a video has a script at SLR then that script is more or less exclusive for SLR even if the video is available on the other sites. There are a few studios present at these sites that created low quality scripts years ago e.g., WankzVR. These scripts are probably in the .meta file format, which can be converted to funscript though.

I’ve never subbed for VRporn so I can’t tell you how to access their scripts, but I guess there should be a download link somewhere when you are logged in. Some sites call scripts “interactive” or it could even be just an icon. Once you’ve found it you probably have to download the video and script and use a video player that supports scritps. I think it’s only SLR that has integrated support for streaming video and scripts. I’m unsure how the NaughtyAmerica script solution looks like since they use some special script format that is a kind of copy protection mechanism.

VRP doesn’t have script hosting/playing. SLR does. The main way you’ll be getting scripts for a video on VRPorn is within this forum. People release scripts for videos you can find on SLR/VRP/etc pretty often.

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