WankzVr Downloading Error

Recently subbed up with WankzVr and I get this error when I try to download anything on their site. I get the same response on all my devices.
The mirror/alt link does not work either.

Wondering if any of you who have had experience with Wankz know what the solution is to fix this? I submitted a ticket to their support staff on Thursday and the only info they have given me is that they have forwarded my issue to tech support.

Note: I do not have a VPN. They mentioned in their support documentation that a VPN have caused issues in the past for downloading videos.

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Odds are it’s only something they can fix. When I just checked a couple videos myself, I noticed that the video content comes from a CDN for povr.com, not wankzvr.com itself. So that suggests a disconnect in their back-end authorization system, which allows you to browse the site normally, but doesn’t let you download the actual content.

Once they do finally resolve it, make sure they extend your subscription period. You shouldn’t have to deal with this kind of thing after paying to access the content. They have no right to complain about piracy if this is how they treat paying customers.

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Thanks for chiming in.

I really hope they fix it soon. I understand its the weekend but it feel like they just took my money. I can’t do anything with the sub rn bc I plan to only use it for scripted content.

Have you tried to deactivate your ad blockers in your browser?

Yes :cry: and uninstalled the ad blocker temporarily from my browser.

Also tried a different browser.

@MacDaddy Any luck with this? I just got the same issue with my new subscription with wankzvr and their entire network (ie MilfVr, POVR, etc). I can’t do anything with the subscription right now.

Helpdesk has been silent as well. It has been about 24hrs since I sent in a help request.

The solution is to use a VPN. The moment I started up my VPN I had a full functioning subscription.

According to the rep from WankzVR, your ISP can set a security features that interferes with their content delivery network(CDN). I have Comcast internet which is one of the largest internet providers in the US so I am not sure why only a few individuals are affected by this but I think it is a little ridiculous that some users have to use a VPN to make use of their subscription .

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