WankzVR site scripts

I just noticed that WankzVR have a shedload of new interactive titles that are useable with the handy. Previously, it was only POVR. Not had a chance to try any out, yet, and won’t be able for a few days.
If anyone has tried the new ones, how do they compare to the handcrafted ones on here, for the same scenes.
Seeing as I’m currently working, slowly, on a few, is it worth putting in the effort ?

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intrested in seeing some good funscripts of WankzVR because what they are offering sucks like hell …
dead points , stuttering like hell , no accurate movements if the girl is going to fast ,Etc …

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There scripts are only bad if you use the browser, they seem fine on Heresphere. Slightly off sync but that can be easily addresed once downloads are allowed.

I would use you efforts elsewhere, once they allow downloads (which is being worked on now, to be rolled asap) the only people that will want Wankz/Milfz/POVR scripts are The freeloaders who wont pay for Heresphere or the 1s that only want pirate links, or the people silly enough to sub at SLR intead of POVR.

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How do you use them with heresphere??

To get mine working i had to change from the heresphere api to the regular 1, then navigate to a scene that was interactive, select interactive and enter my handys code again, specifically inside heresphere. once done back to the api and it worked fine since. That is on the paid version but i assume the same regardless of free or paid.

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Please let us know when downloads are available.

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Will do.

Thanks for that, was having the same issue. Also, thanks for the heads up in your first reply.

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How are some of the newer scripts? Just subbed to POVR/Wankz since a lot were added since last I checked

i like them way better than the old feelme scripts wankz had before. Not quite up there with realcumbers and some of the more experienced hand written scripters, but massively better than i had expected.

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Just curious, are these scripts different from the new ones we’re talking about?

These seem to have a download option:

No those are the old feel connect scripts, they don’t work with the handy, only launch kiroo etc, they are the bad 1s, best avoided.
The new 1s are the 1s scripted by Control and Connect, currently that is all the POVR, all Swallowbay, all Wankz is being rolled out at the moment, so some have it some don’t and some haven’t had the new C&C script added yet but still have the old feel me scripts available. Milfz is coming after Wankz.

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I have the paid version of Heresphere, but not sure the process of setting it up. Would you mind doing a simple explanation/walkthrough?

I’d love to get it setup and working.

There is 1 on their forum I believe, just a little hidden. I will try and find it and link it here, my username is same or similar on both sites so if any questions you can ask me here or over there, there might be better since someone else may respond before I get chance.


here is a litte guide if you use the handy…

@Unknown69 @Contestitall @anon79188359 @MightyElf

The c&c dev is around and chatting there at the moment. Lois, They are always super helpful.

edit- that link failed lol, it just linked to main site, to find the thread in the fourm use this in the address after the .com bit /discuss/d/38243-update-interactive-content-povr-originals-wankzvr-milf-vr/260

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That didn’t seem to work for me as I got redirected back to the main povr.com site. Maybe it’s because I’m not a subscriber at the moment.

Anyway, downloads of the quality scripts in question are a must for me, and it seems like the process should be a bit more transparent if they hope to attract new customers.

Thanks for your insights.

Hello, sorry off topic, why is it silly to sub at SLR. I no longer myself sub, is POVR higher quality?

Which part didnt work?

If it was the forum link that didn’t work then you can try and navigate to the discussion forum from the left hand menu on their main site, I believe the thread is called update - interactive content POVR Originals/WankzVR/MilfzVR, it keeps getting bumped by people chatting so should be near the top

If it was the linking of the handy I don’t think you can if you are not subbed.

Their scene quality been on the decline for a long time, and their customer service is down right the worst in the business.
There 1 saving grace was scripts and there has been a massive drop in quality as well as volume, and time for scripts is getting ridiculous. For months scenes are on the being scripted soon list, only to get removed with no script or just left on the list forever.

POVR, much higher quality, always has been. Also works with the best media player available unlike SLR who force you to use there own player which has been getting worse and worse for years but they simply won’t listen to complaints, suggestions or even mass cancellations, they refuse to cooperate with Heresphere. Lastly is the value for money, scripts are included in the base sub at POVR, SLR expect customers to pay for the script add on and it’s nearly as expensive as the site sub, basically doubling the cost

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