Watch out for this stupid E-mail scam 😄

I got this scam E-mail just now.

I just wanted to share this disgusting method of scamming.

I was shocked for about 5mins. (Because I watched Black Mirror recently :sweat_smile:)

And I realized that this was a 100% scam because it didn’t include any details.

It says that I’m into hentai (yes), animation (yes), cosplay (lol no)

So a friendly advice, if you get scammed, search for help on google before sending the money!

Hello there.

Unfortunately, i have some bad news for you.

Several months ago I have obtained access to your device that you were using to browse internet.

Subsequently, I have proceeded with tracking down internet activities of yours.

Below, is the sequence of past events:

I have managed to install Trojan virus in your device.

Actually, that was quite simple (since you visit vunerable adult websites).

The software of mine allows me to controll everything, such as video camera, microphone and keyboard.

I have managed to download all your personal data, as well as web browsing history and photos to my servers.

I can access all messengers of yours, as well as emails, social networks, contacts list and even chat history.

My virus keeps updating its signatures (since it is driver-based), and stays invisible so you wont notice anything.

So, by now you should already understand the reason why I remained unnoticed until this very moment…

While collecting your information, I have found out that you are also a huge fan of adult websites.

You truly enjoy checking out porn websites and watching dirty videos, while having a lot of kinky fun, i noticed that you’re also a fan of hentai/anime/cosplay stuffs…

I have recorded several kinky scenes of yours and montaged some videos, where you reach orgasms while passionately masturbating.

If you still doubt my serious intentions, it only takes couple mouse clicks to share your videos with your friends, relatives and even colleagues.

It is also easy for me to make them public.

I truly believe, you would not want this to occur, understanding how special are the videos you love watching, (you are clearly aware of that) all that stuff can result in a real disaster for you.

Let’s resolve it like this:

All you need is $1400 USD transfer to my account (bitcoin equivalent based on exchange rate during your transfer), and after the transaction is successful, I will proceed to delete all that kinky stuff without delay.

Afterwards, we can pretend that we have never met before. In addition, I assure you that the harmful software will be deleted from your device. Be sure, I keep my promises.

That is quite a fair deal with a low price, bearing in mind that I have spent a lot of effort to go through your profile and traffic for a long period.

If you are unaware how to buy and send bitcoins just search in google or youtube (how to buy bitcoin) and you can use these services for example (binance/coinbase/kraken/blockchain).
you can do the same previous step to find out how to send it too once you have purchased.

-Below is bitcoin wallet of mine (case sensetive just copy and paste) : bc1qxag3h59utmc2j0v5catptkk4qgdflhcyte8up9

-Network : BTC

You have exatcly 48 hours to do this, once you read this email i will be notified directly and the timer will begin.

Below is the list of actions that you should not attempt doing:

> Do not attempt to reply my email (the email in your inbox was created by me together with return address).

> Do not attempt to call police or any other security services. Moreover, don’t even think to share this with friends of yours. Once I find that out (make no doubt about it, I can do that effortlessly, bearing in mind that I have full control over all your systems) - all of your data and cam recording videos will become available to public immediately.

> Do not attempt to search for me - there is completely no point in that. All cryptocurrency transactions remain anonymous at all times.

> Do not attempt reinstalling the OS your device or get rid of it. It is meaningless too, because all your videos are already downloaded to my servers.

Below is the list of things you don’t need to be concerned about:

> That I will not receive the money you transferred.

> That I still will make your videos available to public after your money transfer is complete.

- Believe me, it is meaningless for me to keep on making your life complicated. If I indeed wanted to make it happen, it would happen long time ago!

- Nothing personal tho

Everything will be carried out based on fairness you do as i mentioned, nothing will happend!

As a good gesture and after the transfer, i will send you some instructions to avoid getting in this situation in future.

Good luck.


– Nothing personal tho :joy:

Bro I got this Email last year.
They are all Scammers no matter what shit they write U. Just straight block their Email Address and you’re good.



Yeah :laughing:
I just wrote this because I never got this type of E-mail before.

I was like, “If they can hack my device, and take all my stuffs, why didn’t they empty my Paypal account? It can be done by just knowing the password.”


Obviously they only know how to access your email, messaging services, camera, and kinky porn websites, not your bank, credit card, or PayPal :rofl:


Yup, I got this one twice in the past. I instantly knew it was BS because I don’t have a webcam.


You can check here if you were affected and why you get those emails since spammers use the big leaked list, ignore and block :+1:

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Damn! This is so useful! I found out that I got pwned from nexus mods!

AYO I’m modding Elden Ring rn :frowning: not my Nexus…

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Don’t forget to use 2 factor authentication!

I did :smiling_face_with_tear:

Should copy the email and send it back to them. Or threaten to release the videos yourself first. :rofl:


Yeah, pretty annoying but extremely obvious due to almost no specifics

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If you use the internet in a normal capacity for today’s standards then there’s a very good chance your email has been compromised.


When I got this a couple years ago, I was like… OMG WTF!!! Seriously!! SHIT!!! I’m in too deep!!!

And then I remembered I watch 99.999999% of porn on my desktop and don’t even have a webcam.

Fuck those douche-mobsters. I’m sure they get super rich off mormons in Utah though…

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Because they cant. Paypal has a quite strict tracking. So if you got hacked, they would make it easily tracable who obtained the money. Paypal would be a massive risk to use. Adding to that, some use 2fa, making transactions impossible without 2fa verification.

This is why paypal doesnt need a very strict system. They limited a lot already just to cover themselve.

And if someone made a fake paypal to use as middleman, either that account will become unavailable to send money, or there has been validation behind it that makes a person linked to it. And therefor become responsible.

Credit cards are an even bigger risk to reveal your identity. Since once you know someone stole the information, you can decide to block it. This means next transaction the hacker might not know its blocked yet and try to make a purchase. Either then facing the wall of ‘unable to proceed by random error’, or its accepted, but at the delivery instead of getting the object, you get cops at your door.

Its again a massive risk.

Thats why bitcoins are prefered, while being completely open in transactions, tracking its owner is very difficult. Its only difficult at the last step as the coin is going to be flagged.

But that its hard to turn in the bitcoins to obtain real cash doesnt matter to them. The costs there are still made from the money the victims paid. And since there are a lot of ‘darknet’ marketplaces who dont care about a coin being flagged (the more a coin is used, even if its flagged at some point that will be unreliable, so loses its risk).

But there are a lot of darknet places that can arrange this stuff for you. The easist trick is simply echanging it to a diffirent coin. Its just the volume of actions being low here (the more being converted, the higher the chance its still tracked - agencies have a lot of tools to identify these potential cases).

Most important for them is that there are many countries that simply dont care. Once the coin is in such country it becomes impossible to tell whether its still worth to track it as you dont know if the new owner was a legit purchase, or not.

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lol yeah i got this email before, sadly though i bet this has worked on alot of people, these arseholes deserve whatever karma eventually finds them

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This is a common scam, it’s sent out like spam and the recipients are often hidden. There has been no hacking. If a recipient feels guilty they might get someone on the hook, but for this particular BTC address, no one has sent any money into it. Yet.

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These mails often use a variety of addresses. It barely costs time to make one. And it again reduces detection chances. Even more since they often use an algorithm to decide which mail adress is going to receive a certain address. gmail, live and other generic platforms are very likely to quickly scan all the used addresses in it, so they often get their own bucket of addresses assigned. Mails dedicated towards specific domains (more likely personal domains) do get other addresses in them.

And that is only done because once an address gets a coin in it, they can start using a new one (if its the only coin, there is a chance it doesnt get flagged, making it cheap/easy to cash in).

While mails often show amatueristic levels, the tools behind it often are not. There is a whole business around this stuff, and the tools evolved to be of high quality over time. The makers often provide these tools as a service. And this is mainly why its a pain to fight against it, while you need to make specific patterns, they just can dish in some randomizing factors, which even if they are weak are hard to figure out.

So dont say that no one paid (you cant tell), if they have 1000 adresses, sent 1m mails, and 100 people paid, its still 900 addresses empty, but its the 100 that paid that count (with low chance of overlap).

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Yeah, I know how blockchain works. I also know that scammers are lazy bastards, so they use the same btc address for each email batch they send out, and it’s usually in the thousands before they create a new btc address, as you say - it’s easy, but they rarely do that. All transactions are stored in the public blockchain, it has to be for it to work. Using a normal blockchain explorer you can view any transactions taken. So any victim from this email batch has to land on the same transactional address, and so it’s reflected in the blockchain for all to see if they know the address, which we do. Don’t confuse btc wallet with btc address. Wallets are a different beast.

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The worrying part on my end is that these emails show up over and over again, same as those stating my account at bank xy (I´m not even customer of) has been compromised. I know it´s not a lot of work to set this stuff up, but it´s still work, so there must be enough people getting tricked by all those scams that it´s worthwhile for the criminals, even taking into account that there´s still a slim chance they get caught…

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