WebOFS - OFS but in the browser


I would like to share something. WebOFS (chromium based browsers only)
It is a stripped down version of OFS running in the browser.
It’s minimum viable, you can use it to create scripts.

How to create a new project
  • File->Open video
How to edit existing funscripts
  • File->Open video
  • Project->Replace active
How to export a .funscript file
  • File->Export…->Export active script
Where do projects get saved?

In a virtual filesystem using IndexedDB. They’re stored there until you delete the database which may happen when clearing the browser cache. Otherwise they persist.

Opening a video which already has a project with the same name in the virtual filesystem will automatically open it.

I would love to know if people running linux/macos can run this.
The code isn’t open source yet but will be.
Lastly there’s bugs please report them :partying_face:

Features stripped
  • Extensions
  • T-Code
  • Video screenshots (can be easily added)
  • Saving heatmap (can be easily added)
  • Some quality of life features
  • Multi window support (probably not possible)

Known issues:

  • Framerate reported by the browser seems to be always 30 FPS
    For now use the new “FPS override” feature
  • Audio waveform can’t be can’t be created for files larger 1.5 GB.
    • A limitation because it requires the entire file in memory.
    • Depending on your system it might run out of memory even with this limitation.
    • It’s not me requiring the file in memory it’s this API decodeAudioData() which technically is for audio files but It works on video as well atleast in chrome

Until Mozilla implements this requestVideoFrameCallback.
This won’t run under Firefox.

I should also mention anything you do with this doesn’t leave your computer.
Nothing is uploaded or sent anywhere.
This is statically hosted via github pages everything is running client-side.


This is dope! seems to run perfectly on my linux setup! the waveform even works!

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The only way you can load scripts from disk is via Project->Replace active.
Is that what you’re using?


Semi-related question for normal OFS and WebOFS: Is there a way to create a script from a scratch (no video); I’ve been bypassing this by just opening a long* unrelated video. It works but I sometimes find the video distracting…

also, is there a way to extend the script length beyond the length of the video. *The reason I’d have to open a long video.

Not possible at the moment.
However I think this can be added.

This is dope esp for a mac user here. this app need more love :slight_smile:

Is there a way to combine scripts to a longer video? Totally new at this stuff and I don’t know if it’s possible. Thanks!

Trying this out today and it seems to work well, thank you! Is there any way to do motion tracking in this web version? If not, is there any way to use OFS and motion tracking on MacOS?

@gagax123 I was excited to try this but I can’t get working. It won’t prompt me to upload a video. When i hit “Open Video” nothing happens.